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Common Core whole lot of people are wound up over Common Core.

I’m surprised, dismayed, disappointed
and sadly, not at all surprised by this.


Being offended at the latest federal takeover and degradation of scholastic norms
(actually training, as in training dumb animals)
is very much like protesting the latter third trimester of a pregnancy.

You should have been protesting when the feds first entered your school. You should have stood up when the school board gave way to the state. You should have begun thinking about education when the government took over. You should have noticed when ALL textbooks in the USA were selected and approved by one group of Texans (yeah, that same state that provides 1/3 of all presidents in recent years – that same core of money and power that populates the CIA, FBI, NSA, UN, Federal Reserve, etc.).

You should have noticed when that demographic of home-schoolers who comprise 1% of the population wins 25% or more of all spelling bees, math bees, science bees, geography bees and is equally disproportionately represented in College leadership and the top of all college graduating classes.

I admit that I didn’t.

I got it in bits and pieces, but didn’t get the whole until I really began to look at it. But in my defense, it was not half as bad, blatant or horrid when my kids were going to those indoctrination centers. It was, however, bad enough that I did notice.

I hope Common Core serves as a wake up.

It is not the tip of the iceberg that is your enemy.

Please. Look at the whole.

Get your kids, your neighbor’s kids, your community’s kids and your state’s kids The Heck Out Of Government Indoctrination Centers.

They are no good for anybody but the indoctrinators.

Common Core is not the problem,
but the symptoms of the latter stages of fatal rot.