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Today at the theater

Ah crap, more theater in the cheap seats. How I wish it had no audience whatsoever, but they own the flashy, splashy media with the wonderful moving pictures that captivate the hearts and minds of the masses.

The current Democratic arm of the ruling elite are pretending to disagree with the Republican arm of the ruling elite on some bits of where their spending far in excess of what they have to spend should go.




Shuck and Jive

The hucksters would have you believe that there was a shortage of federal reserve notes to pass around.


Scuze me for being blunt, but the Federal Reserve can and very much has printed these suckers with gleeful abandon to pass out to mega-bankers and “defense contractors” (war monger profiteers).

There is no apparent limit to how much money can be sent without interruption to upper-level henchmen who create the tools of death and destruction El Presidente’ can unleash on the barbarians

Defined as anyone who doesn’t worship the ground the elite walk on.

Anyway, what triggered my response at this moment was the old WWII suckers who scrimped and saved to go visit some concrete edifices to their generation’s gullibility (whoa Ted, these are all very HONORABLE and dedicated souls, even if tragically misused).

So these old, decieved-in-their-youth individuals arrive at the destination they planned for a year or so in advance to find the political buffoons have closed it off for theatrical motives.

BULLSHIT they say.

We are going in.

Militarially they pose little threat. But as a FORCE, they are much more than their physical presence.

Needless to say, I am greatly heartened that some old geezers stood up to the young charletans. Here’s a photo of the barrier breakers at the Iwo Gima memorial. A couple bussloads of these old farts decided to visit in spite of their government closing down THAT part of the runaway federal spending TODAY.