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Ham radio classes – every Saturday in October

Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club

is presenting classes in the Darby Library

Saturday, October 5, 12, 19, 26
scheduled from 2:00 – 5:00

At the end of the class session,
perhaps the following Saturday,
there will be FCC license testing for
Technician, General and Extra licenses.

There are no class fees,
but the books cost $29.95
and the testing is $15 to the FCC.

The instructors who normally hold their classes in Hamilton and Stevensville are bringing their school to Darby for the first time. This is wonderful for us and very nice of them. Again I mention, they charge nothing for their classes, time or travel. I don’t know, but maybe they like home-made cookies.

Anyone attending all the classes AND who passes their license testing will have their name entered in a drawing for one of the very popular BAOFENG handheld ham radios donated by a member of the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club.

The club, by the way, is jam-packed with radio expertise and a good number of people who are eager to help YOU succeed with amateur radio. They meet every 3rd Monday in the Hamilton BJ’s around 5:30 or 6:00 for dinner with the business meeting at 7:00pm.

for more information, contact:
Ted Dunlap

or visit on facebook:

” W7ftx Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club “