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night light

idea_bulbIt’s a silly little thing, but the night light in our bathroom was getting reluctant to turn off. Clicking the switch back and forth, this way, that way, willing it to turn off… eventually it refused.

Heck, I have another. Replaced it.

Throw it away … this is ‘Meruka, after all.

But NO. I’m me. It has a Phillips screw that appears to hold two halves of it together. Set it aside until I get around to it.

Tonight I opened it up. Figured out how it worked – and why it didn’t.

Reached in with a small screwdriver, bent a tiny copper strap.

Figured out how to Reassemble.

It works like new. The printed circuit, two wires and LED will last forever.

Now I know the rest of it will as well.

New night lite.

But it leaves me thinking …. 99 out of 100 would have thrown it away. It is too cheap and easy for ‘Merukins to do that. That is sad on two counts.

When the economics change, few will be ready.

It will take a major change to get 99 out of 100 to think, do and be practical.