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silver-tongued devil

silver-american-eagle-two-coinsI can hardly believe what I’m seeing. Physical silver has been almost as available as primers, powder and ammunition – that is to say having a high content of “Unobtanium”.

Today I received an e-mail containing a link to an offer I never expected to see again.
Silver Eagles that have been far more rare than regular wait-12-weeks for delivery non-Eagle 1-ounce silver rounds for $26.24.

The most startling part were the words underneath:
Ships within 2 – 4 business days have a 20 ounce minimum order much like my old friends at Northwest Territorial Mint with their 60 ounce minimum. Buying in quantity definitely provides great value. mint-case-silver-eagles

The real exciting part that has me drooling all over my empty bank account is the availability of 500-round USA-Mint Monster Boxes for under $50,000! WAY UNDER!!! I mean ONLY $13,133 (when I looked just now).

Who in the world with $13,134 in the checking account could resist?

Sadly, though my flesh is weak, my checking account is weaker.

I won’t be ordering any today. 🙁