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I was asked to un-click a couple of facebook boxes in my link to a friend. I honored that request, but sent him much of the following via private message.

I unchecked as you requested in fb, but didn’t post the note on my wall.
I have felt for years that nothing online is private. You probably know from my blogging that I have long assumed the NSA has been collecting my data.

Intelligent people learn this and shut down – move to low profile. A small handful mount the rooftops to incessantly yell warnings at the top of their lungs… well aware of the exposure and risk.

We certainly need both kinds.
Without honest reporters, THEY win.
Without unexposed patriots, THEY win.
I try to avoid exposing my friends,
but don’t think any of you can hide from THEM.

You go a long ways into the shadows by eliminating your electronic footprint, but short of retreating to the off-grid cabin in the woods and moving exclusively into a barter economy, your hiding place is going to be compromised in small ways at the very least.

As Randy Weaver found on Ruby Ridge, retreat does not equal security.
In my view, winning is the only outcome that offers hope for peace.
Thus I choose knowledgeable, wary insecurity over a false sense of security.
Were I to recommend a path, it would be low-profile, wary insecurity.
Since the den of vipers is unpredictable, I make no recommendations,
but respect all decisions other than ignorance.
I also respect disconnecting your electronic exposure from mine.
Safe to assume THEY connect all the threads to and from those they do not trust.

THEIR true enemy list:

Interestingly, it is exactly the same as my friends list.