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smelling bad stuff – again

The early reports of the Aurora Theater Shootings had live feeds of eyewitnesses who saw an additional shooter, some who saw a third, additional gas mask, blood trail leading away that was not officially followed, getaway car on video and much more evidence of multiple shooters. Later, official spokespeople and official investigators made the official story one of a lone shooter. The others got clean away and mainstream media toed that line.

Early reports on Sandy Hook had two live shooters captured. One in the parking lot and the other after a chase we all got to watch with half a dozen or more cops running down, tackling and cuffing the guy in the nearby woods. The other shooters disappeared after officials got the story under control and the lone, dead gunman remains mainstream media’s recollection of that day.

Now we have “The Navy Yard Shooting“, an official story of a lone psychotropic drug user (THE common denominator in all the mass shootings of the last fourscore years) magically possessing an ID that not only gets him into a secure Naval Base, it enables him to pass multiple checkpoints with a shotgun. He kills several armed guards, taking their handguns to kill a lot more in this gun-free zone of the gun-free DC.

Early reports had three shooters, then two shooters and finally got it down to one shooter. Maybe… Maybe not… but the multiple shooters reports are when my ears perked up and nose began twitching.

This one smells very, very familiar – and it is not a good smell.

Once again, it is a location where there are no lawful guns among the populace. The shooters face low risk of return fire in the early stages. Second and third shooters can “enhance” the death toll, then make a quick escape leaving the fall guy to complete the show.

It is another place where officials have control of information getting out. On this topic, they are getting better and better. Maybe the next one they stage will be inside the White House or at least in a Hollywood studio.

I’ll be watching and reporting as this tale unfolds, but I guarantee one thing:
The TRUTH will not be found in the mainstream media, nor issuing from official spokespeoples’ lips.

… and, of course, this assault with shotguns and handguns that we are all supposed to fear is obviously a great time to ban the semi-auto rifles that those who would rule the world fear. Thus we have the usual suspects repeating their inane monologues.

They know it doesn’t fool us, but we MUST go on high alert as they throw up this smokescreen between themselves and the inattentive.

In those static reference pages I list over on the left column, there is one titled “mass shootings” under the heading “false flags”. There I have been accumulating a number of short clips on the gun control subject. I’ll put a bit of it here, but click the link above to see a lot more on the subject.

Fifteen minute You Tube featuring eyewitness accounts, police scanner recordings, mainstream media clips. Clearly, irrefutably and completely destroys the mythologies of lone shooter at Sandy Hook, Aurora theater and the Sikh temple. This one alone should inspire further research BY YOU. Sandy Hook, Aurora theater, Sikh temple

Fabian 4 Liberty published this ten-minute video about the HUGE LINK between the two patsies who are supposedly the lone shooter in the mass shooting false flag events.
libor shooting link

Another blog like this one that ties many videos together and another voice smelling the stink of Libor along with the stench of inhuman false flag execution. I like her title: Short Little Rebel.