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Take a breath

I’ve been sitting in calm silence for a few days. Watching, waiting and grateful that the idiots drunkenly waving the nuclear gun around didn’t actually pull the trigger… sadly I have to add “Yet”.
They haven’t stopped wanting their unpopular war, they have just been outmaneuvered by chess-playing Russians.

Turns out that growing up playing Game Boys and similar electronic distractions popular in the USofA isn’t completely superior to the Russian Chess-playing culture as a tactical development tool.

It is not that the Russian leadership is being any more altruistic than the Bilderberg puppets running the USofA Military Subsidiary, but it just so happens that their best interests are currently being served well by the people of the embattled region being allowed to do what they wish. That is, so long as the war mongers don’t get their way and install another disastrous puppet regime.

As I reported recently in war crescendo, history’s worst sales pitch and others of the last few weeks on the topic, our world was running pell-mell into WWIII for fun and profit Рjust not our fun and profit.

military-spending-world-300x That it didn’t happen is no credit to Mr. Oh-Bomber and/or any of his consorts, but to you and me. It in no way discredits those who saw it coming, but is definitely a credit to those major players who finally drew a line around the grandest war machine the planet Earth has ever seen.

I am still amazed that the Juggernaut was turned aside.

Thank you everyone who protested.

Thanks to those contacting the rulers.

Thanks to you who talked about it.

The whole culture shifted FROM a war footing is such vast numbers that it actually concerned those following their war script. They war-gamed the various likely scenarios of a 90%-pissed-off USA populace to find the possibility of an uprising they couldn’t control.

Shocked and Awed the right people for a change.