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war crescendo

1,429 Syrians have been killed by chemical weapons in the civil war
110,000 Syrians have been killed by conventional weapons
1,000 Egyptians killed in military coup (ongoing, hugely under-reported)
3,886,026 – Vietnam War
1,000,000 – Iran–Iraq War/First Persian Gulf War (1980–1988)
1,000,000 – Rwandan Civil War (1990–1993)
329,745 – War on Terror (2001-present)
189,736 – Iraq War/Third Persian Gulf War (2003–2011)
106,800+ – Mexican Drug War (2006-present

Only the one at the top of the list is worth nuclear world war. It’s real important how they died. (and most sources, including the rebels say that the rebels did it – not the Syrian government that is in Obama’s cross-hairs).

The numbers of immediate dead and long-term dead these guys are toying with is astronomical. It could easily exceed all the wars in history combined.

If the war hawks were serious about saving lives, they would not be throwing lit matches into the dynamite pile.

Meanwhile, on the world stage where FCC-licensed media has no monopoly:

September 6, 2013. St. Petersburg. Today at the G20 meeting in Russia, French President Francois Hollande dealt President Obama another embarrassing setback over Syria. Shocking his US ally, Hollande announced that France would not join the US in a military strike and would instead wait until the full UN report is made available.

Britain out. France out. UN out. Israel & Turkey saying to the USA hawks, “Come-on Killer, you and me against the world. We can kick ’em all”.

At the same time, Russia and China continue to swarm the Mediterranean Sea with warships in preparation for a war with the US.


This next bit is being picked up by several sources on the Internet.

September 5, 2013. Abilene, TX. Two grassroots news outlets, Infowars and StoryLeak, have been sending frantic warnings about urgent information from a tried and true source inside the USAF. The eye-witness says multiple nuclear warheads were secretly moved 48 hours ago from storage in Texas to a military base in South Carolina.

Some claim the nukes have disappeared – that is they are officially lost and may turn up in a false-flag nuclear disaster inside the USA. Of course official investigators will find a Russian, Chinese or Syrian passport intact at the center of the devastation proving they can go blow some selected targets up.

Others are more inclined to connect the transported nukes to a projected escalation, a planned-in-advance escalation in the war the Liar-In-Chief seems determined to start.

All are urging us to spread the word. If enough people know in advance, the plan may be sidelined. Sane people hope it is a false alarm OR that widespread knowledge deters the schemers.