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drone hunting licenses

The town council of Deer Trail, Colorado had on their agenda consideration of creating and selling a drone hunting license. That act, the mere proposal of a license, triggered a flood of applications from all over the USA.

They don’t even have it approved, let alone a structure or process for them, but have 936 applications and checks for a total of $19,006… and rising.

STOP – the poor clerk had a full time job without this. Now she’s even given up even returning the checks. The pile is just growing.

The town council is not going to pass the ordinance – 38 people signed a petition asking them not to. It appears, however, that the people of the town will get to vote on it themselves this fall.

Meanwhile, the author of the proposal, Phil Steel, has created a website where he does indeed sell drone hunting licenses for any drone flying in Dear Trail’s airspace at 1,000 feet or below.

The licenses have a blank space for the mayor’s signature and, of course, completely lack any legal standing anywhere on earth, including Deer Trail. He has already sold 100 fake licenses for $25 each and donated a portion of his $2,500 take to the town during the monthly board meeting

The FAA has warned that shooting at unmanned aircraft could be subject to criminal or civil liabilities and warned that it creates a danger to the public.

Long ago usurped by the dark side, they are not at all concerned about the dangers to the public that the drones create and the criminal and civil liabilities they represent.