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credit where it is NOT due

Okay, it is getting real annoying. People are falling all over themselves to congratulate The Deceiver In Chief for waiting until Congress puts their fingerprints on the gun before pulling the trigger to start WWIII. They aren’t phrasing it exactly like that, but that’s the drift.
First off, this Howdy-Doody puppet doesn’t decide anything. He reads the teleprompter without batting an eye or giving a thought to the meaning behind the words. That’s what he was hired to do. That’s what he does.

When people don’t know who the enemy is, or where they are, all their ammo is wasted shooting at smoke. The concept of this clown being The Great Leader, or in any way, shape or form being smart enough to decide more than which shoe goes on which foot just frosts my hide.

He, like his predecessors, were chosen for the job because they give off no clues when they lie. They are widely believable. That’s their special gift. Of course THAT comes from not giving a rip about the results of their actions and words. In some cases, maybe most, The Deceiver In Chief has no clue as to the probable results. Doesn’t matter. They gotta say what they gotta say. Their bosses have spoken, The strings pull this way and that. Relax. Go with it. Smile and wave to the nice people.

Alright, allowing for his use as the figurehead, as the embodiment of those slimy psychopaths pulling the strings, I’ll pretend for the sake of conversation that the royal Bamma is now asking Congress to somehow endorse his plan to blow up the Mideast, or some unspecified parts thereof.

Whyzzat? one should ask.

Why is the USA military might bombing the crap out of a country the size of Washington state? Why should more than triple the population of Washington be suddenly cast into doubt whether their families, homes, businesses and cities will be standing a week from now. Why should they have to fear watching their loved ones get ripped into dead, raw meat? … or starving in the aftermath? The people in Washington don’t have to.

Nevermind. We needn’t ask that. Howdy-Doody has determined we must destroy their world. But somehow, THIS TIME, he decided to ASK Congress for permission.

Why now? He didn’t ask permission to blow up Iraquis. He just up and started blasting Kurds. He’s bombing Yemen. Pakistan and apparently anywhere the little voices in his head tell him to. Numerous stories even link him to the chemical attack in Syria. But the overt, urgent attack by the USofA military on Syria has been pulled back a notch.

As late as Saturday morning, Bamma was quite firm and confidently saying he was bombing Syria from Saturday through Wednesday… real specific-like, too. Except they couldn’t agree what to tell us were the objectives. You can believe they hadn’t selected their targets and objectives if you like. I believe they merely hadn’t decided what to tell us, that is, what lies we might believe.

However, as I reported in war drums … silenced? August 31, 2013, Why Syria? September 1, 2013, and more on the eastern front September 2, 2013, Britain and Israel military were right beside the largest force the USA military had ever amassed ready to open fire on those pesky Arabs who made the mistake of sitting atop this particular patch of dirt.

BUT sitting behind every rock, tree, bush, pile of sand and blade of grass were a bunch of heavily armed people who didn’t want the made-in-USA bombs falling in Syria this week. This group included major Russian, Chinese and numerous other well-armed regional forces.
The scary thing, or thing that should be really scary, is that Bamma was undeterred by that… hey, there surely will be a golf course or two left in the world where I can play, eh?

Finally I’m back to my opening question:
Why is Bamma going to Congress for permission this time?

Because the British people flooded the streets. They made it darn clear to their Parliament that this was not a good year for WWIII. Not now, thank you. Parliament, in turn, surprised the British executive branch by voting to stay out of it. Drop no bombs. Blow up no Syrians. Back off. Specifically, Parliament prohibited British military intervention of any kind.

Worse, The United Nations prohibited it. The Syrians and their staunch allies – and, oh yes, there are many who don’t think the USA is being honest here – They also prohibited military strikes by the USA in Syria at this time.

Ya’see, United Nations inspectors were urgently requested by the Syrians to investigate the chemical attack in Syria. The Syrians welcomed them. They wanted the perpetrators caught. The UN inspectors were shot at (you can suspect whoever you want, I’m suspecting the perpetrators of the chemical attack). The inspectors collected evidence anyway. That is, until the US Navy arrived and sighted in their missile batteries. If I were a betting man, I’d wager heavily that destroying evidence, that is bombing the chemical attack site to dust was one of the highest priority targets.

The UN, apparently agreeing with my target assessment, pulled out with what evidence thy had been able to gather for further analysis. It is well known already that Egyptian markings were on the chemical weapons. The trail leading clearly to the US ally is quite solid even with preliminary data. Unsurprisingly, the UN voted to wait for further analysis of the evidence before authorizing the Peaceful Bombing of Syria.

Bamma was right on the margins of facing his own Nuremberg War Crimes tribunal. He personally could find himself at risk of being tried for thousands of counts of murder in nearly any country on Earth. More significantly, the puppetmasters saw potentially overwhelming forces aligned against them and evidence stacking up pointing to the real perpetrators.

Much like the burglar who finds himself looking down the bore of a 12-gauge shotgun, Bamma decided that now wasn’t the time.

howdy-doody-350x260I’ll be going now.

Chat with you later.

Bye Bye.

Thus the Nobel Peace Prize winner gets kudos from his adoring audience for bringing the decision to Congress.

I wonder how many of us will take to the streets attempting to convince our legislative branch that we don’t want war
– or at least a HUMONGOUS war
– or at least at this time.

I can probably get at least 1% of Conner’s population out to protest in front of the Post Office/General Store. 😉