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chutzpah squared

It is a grand standoff. The rival gangs find themselves in a box canyon,
all armed to the teeth,
all pointing their rifles at someone across from them
all with rifles pointed at them
they don’t speak the same language as their enemies
worse still, they speak a dozen different languages
and wear a dozen different uniforms
they really don’t fully trust the guys supposed to be on their side
But there they are – wondering if someone will fire the first shot
wondering if maybe they should start shooting
knowing once the shooting starts, they will probably die
wishing they could get out without a shot being fired

Then it happens


Ah, but it was just a trickster with a firecracker.
Good joke, huh?

The Israeli and USA ruling elite tried to provoke a confligration in the Med.
Dang, I bet it was a near thing.
It didn’t work THIS TIME.

They want this war bad.
They want it now.
They will not stop trying.
They will stop at nothing.

Expect a bigger, badder false flag.
Coming Soon
At a theater near Syria

Ah yes – the same incident as reported by the lamestream media:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel and the U.S. conducted a joint missile test over the Mediterranean on Tuesday, in a display of military prowess as the Obama administration seeks congressional support for strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Any U.S. strikes, in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use by the Assad regime, are not expected before next week when Congress returns from summer recess.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said the test of its Arrow 3 missile-defense system was performed together with the U.S. Defense Department.

Russia reported two missle launches. The forces on that side of the line saw them go up with no way of knowing what warheads they carried nor where they might land.

It sounds so innocuous when cleaned up for US media.
But it was deadly serious to those looking down the barrel of the gun
apparently wielded by a madman.