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ham radio open house in Darby

barcSaturday, September 14th from 10:00-1:00

the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

will be hosting an Open House at the Darby Library.

There will be experts in radio, several types of ham radios set up for demonstrations, information, and signups for local classes.

If there is enough interest, BARC will offer classes with enough information that students can earn the FCC Technicians license… in the South Bitterroot at the Darby Library. All we need is a dozen of us, and the instructors will make the drive to us from Hamilton, rather than the students making the drive north for the classes.

They do it completely for their interest in sharing the knowledge and enhancing private communications. The instructors are unpaid. Classes will cost $45 INCLUDING the book, training and the your first attempt at the FCC license exam. Nearly all who complete BARC classes pass the test on their first try, by the way.

Personally, as I already have my Tech license, I’m hoping there are enough of us wanting classes to test for our General Licenses – the next step up.

BARC has long wanted to be a part of the south Bitterroot radio community and finally found somebody (me) to spearhead the outreach effort. We hope to have local monthly meetings over coffee or somesuch and have one or more of us southerners carry the communication to the main club meetings in Hamilton.

BARC also hopes to set up one or more additional private radio repeaters in the area – free to the public – further enhancing our local emergency and non-emergency communications.

It all depends on the interest in the Darby radio community – as expressed by the turnout on the 14th.

Share the information. Bring your friends. See you there.

Print out the flier below and share it:

PDF flier for event