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Why Syria?

As I pointed out June 8th in the big silver play, the Rothschild-led central bankers control the money supply in all but three countries: Cuba, North Korea, Iran. Thus, they are obvious targets for “humanitarian war” installing puppet government in the last three unconquered kingdoms of the world.

Well, heck, Syria isn’t on that list. Where does it fit in? Why start a world war over it?

First off, obviously there are winners and losers in war. Both sides of the battle lines are the losers, as are their families, neighborhoods and countries. The winners are the military-industrial-complex and financiers… the Bilderberg Group.

But that still doesn’t answer “Why Syria”?

Specifically natural gas:

one of the most promising fuels of the 21st Century.

Before I dive into more details, I want to remind you that people buy bananas regardless of who sells them. Before “The Banana Wars”, North Americans bought them from South Americans. After The Banana Wars, North Americans bought them from North Americans. Same bananas; same price. Thanks to Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, different CEOs and bankers.

By the same token, this is not about HAVING natural gas to use, it is about who sells it to us (or others) and who sits at the top of the money heap piling up.
On with the show…

The “rebellion” in Syria began to grow at the same time as the June 2011 agreement regarding the construction of a new Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline with strong benefits also to Russia, China and others.

This pipeline undermines a competing source of natural gas to the west involving Qatar, Turkey, Israel and benefiting Saudi Arabia and others.
Hmmm. That sure looks an awful lot like the lineup on either side of this impending war. Qatar is hosting western war hardware in such quantities that the entire land mass threatens to sink several feet under the weight. The poison gas of such recent great fame came into “rebel” possession in Saudi containers. Turkey’s borders are bristling with western death-and-destruction-dealing hardware.

Russia and China are protesting Obama’s rush to war and have effectively prevented United Nations endorsement in spite of major maneuvering attempts. They also are sending “humanitarian” support via major military hardware of their own.
Global Research did an excellent job of laying it out in wonderful detail. I encourage you to read the details there:
The Geopolitics of Gas and the Syrian Crisis