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war drums … silenced?

I’m sorry. I saw WWIII arriving, curled up in my bunker and watched. You have no idea how many times in the last week+ I had things to post here. But I didn’t. I just stood stupefied … deer in the headlights … amazed at widespread apathy and the absolute chutzpa of the ruling elite. They scheduled the end of the world to begin on the 1st day of Labor Day Weekend – “when nobody was paying attention.”

But the Internet may have stopped it.

Well, delayed it, anyway.

The Bilderbergs will have their new world order – or die trying.

They just have to figure out how to kill the Internet first.

Look at what HONEST reporting did to their false flags, lies and propaganda.

– AND –

Compare all of this below, that is quite obviously
to say the very least, to what YOUR news sources are telling you is important this week.

I will just link a bunch of articles together. Please click on the links and watch the show unfold. This is a small subset of what the Internet has been reporting as the war drums become deafening.

Paying attention WORKS.


It’s coming: US finalizing plans for military strike on Syria

Published time: August 28, 2013 16:28

Syria: why would Assad invite a Western intervention by using WMDs in a war he was winning?


… intelligence agencies and policy makers are struggling to decide what goals they hope to achieve by launching an attack. …

Said another way: How are we going to justify bombing these people? What credible excuse can we make up? – Ted


Without giving time for testimony, skeptics, investigators and evidence to compile and be sorted out, American and European officials are already beating the war drums.” Monday, officials didn’t shy away from the threats of war either.

Late Monday, the Guardian reported that military warplanes and transporters were on the move in Cyprus, less than 100 miles from Syria. Regular pilots in the area, around Akrotiri airbase, told reporters that radars were showing fighter jets in formations as well as an eyewitness sighting of multiple C-130 military cargo planes. This runs parallel with the fact that residents around the area told press there’s been an eerie amount of traffic, to and from the base. If anything, Akrotiri will be the operational point for Western forces.

Earlier reports from the weekend suggest one of a handful of warships has floated into the Mediterranean Sea region, upping the sea assault for American forces. The Associated Press noted, “The Navy ships are capable of a variety of military actions,” including Tomahawk missile fire. As military boats, warplanes and other equipment is moved in from around the world to bases near Syria, American and European officials are laying out the roadmap with policymakers and other international officials.

Woah! Hold your horses, Barack. Before we go to war with Syria can we be absolutely surely sure that we’ve got our pretext right?


Navy ready to launch first strike on Syria

The UK Royal Navy is ready to help the U.S. intervene in the Syrian civil war and install a puppet government, perhaps launching a large-scale world war in the process.

Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people.


Syrians Scramble to Hide From Obama’s Humanitarian Love Bombs – “Every neighborhood has some government target. Where do we hide?”


Will people really buy this story?

1. The Syrian government has been winning the “civil war” so there is hardly any need for dramatic and desperate measures.

2. The so-called “rebels” are the ones who’ve threatened chemical attacks and have been caught engaging in them. Syria, which has been at war several times in the last five decades, has no record of using them.

3. It would be utterly irrational not to mention personally suicidal for Bashar al-Assad, the leader of Syria, to use such weapons. He’s shrewd enough to know that by doing so he would invite UN sanctions and a NATO/US invasion.

So if the US/State Department line is not credible then what is?

We now know that the Spanish did not sink the USS Maine in Havana harbor, but that incident was enough to start the Spanish American War – and give the US a reason to take Cuba and the Philippines from the weak hand of Spain.

We also now know there was ample warning that the Japanese were preparing an attack on Peal Harbor and that this information was not passed on to the commander there.

The Gulf of Tonkin “attack” on US naval vessels off the coast of Vietnam has been demonstrated to have been a fraud and the recent War in Iraq was based on the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” that turned out not to exist.

The staging of incidents – including incidents that result in the death of innocent people – in order to justify military actions being carried out for entirely different motives is not a new thing and, as outrageous as it may seem to normal, decent minded people, it’s not uncommon.

Is Syria another case of this?

We don’t have the answer, but if we were betting, we’d bet on James Corbett’s analysis on this one.


Here’s the New York Times subsidiary of the Bilderberg Group on the subject:
…There are moral reasons for disregarding the law, and I believe the Obama administration should intervene in Syria. But it should not pretend that there is a legal justification in existing law. Secretary of State John Kerry seemed to do just that on Monday, when he said of the use of chemical weapons, “This international norm cannot be violated without consequences.” His use of the word “norm,” instead of “law,” is telling. “…


WW3? Syrian, Iranian Officials Say Israel Will Be “Set On Fire” If US Strikes

Senior Syrian and Iranian officials have again warned that should the US pursue military action in Syria, the state of Israel will find itself firmly and immediately in their crosshairs.

“If Damascus comes under attack, Tel Aviv will be targeted too and a full-scale war against Syria will actually issue a license for attacking Israel,” said a Syrian army official in comments to Iran’s FARS News Agency.

“We are rest assured that if Syria is attacked, Israel will also be set on fire and such an attack will, in turn, engage Syria’s neighbors,” the official said, maintaining anonymity during the interview.

The army official also stated that if the US chooses to help Al Qaeda-linked jihadists in Syria, their will be significant blowback in Israel.

“Weakening the central government in Damascus will actually start growing attacks on Israel and will create insecurity for that regime,” he said.

“Thus, a U.S. attack on Syria will herald frequent strikes and attacks on Israel, not just by Damascus and its allies in retaliation, but by extremist groups who will find a ground for staging their aspirations,” the official added.

Netanyahu calls up reserve forces;
Huge US military build up in Qatar;
Russia evacuates citizens from Syria.


Egypt Closes Suez Canal To All US Military Ships Citing Defence Pact With Syria
Translated: The first thing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, not to enter any US military chartered a tanker to the Suez Canal to hit Syria, stressing Egypt’s commitment to joint defence agreement between Egypt and…


Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council

Published time: August 31, 2013 09:55

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared ‘utter nonsense’ the idea that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own people and called on the US to present its supposed evidence to the UN Security Council.

Putin has further called the Western tactic a ‘provocation.’

Washington has been basing its proposed strategy of an attack on Syria on the premise that President Bashar Assad’s government forces have used chemical agents, while Russia finds the accusations unacceptable and the idea of performing a military strike on the country even more so. Especially as it would constitute a violation of international law, if carried out without the approval of the UN Security Council.

Further to this, Putin told Obama that he should consider what the potential fallout from a military strike would be and to take into consideration the suffering of innocent civilians.

The Russian president has expressed certainty that the strategy for a military intervention in Syria is a contingency measure from outside and a direct response to the Syrian government’s recent combat successes, coupled with the rebels’ retreat from long-held positions.

“Syrian government forces are advancing, while the so-called rebels are in a tight situation, as they are not nearly as equipped as the government,” Putin told ITAR-TASS. He then laid it out in plain language:

“What those who sponsor the so-called rebels need to achieve is simple – they need to help them in their fight… and if this happens, it would be a tragic development,” Putin said.

Russia believes that any attack would, firstly, increase the already existing tensions in the country, and derail any effort at ending the war.

“Any unilateral use of force without the authorisation of the U.N. Security Council, no matter how ‘limited’ it is, will be a clear violation of international law, will undermine prospects for a political and diplomatic resolution of the conflict in Syria and will lead to a new round of confrontation and new casualties,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich, adding that the threats issued by Washington “in the absence of any proof” of chemical weapons use.

On Friday, Washington said a plan for a limited military response was in the works to punish Assad for a “brutal and flagrant” chemical attack that allegedly killed more than 1400 people in the capital Damascus 10 days ago.

The Syrian government has been denying all allegations, calling the accusation preposterous and pointing its own accusations against rebel forces, especially Al-Qaeda-linked extremists who have wreaked havoc on the country in the two years since the start of the civil war.


Weighing war, White House debuts peace-themed Christmas ornament

As President Obama readies a possible military strike against Syria Thursday, the White House 2013 Christmas ornament is going on sale with the slogan, “Peace on Earth.”

By the way, we aren’t really talking about bombing and burning Syria. Keep in mind that your Peace President is blowing up people, their homes, their businesses, their families, their friends, their children, their water supplies, their sewers, their power distribution systems … turning their world into trash… while smiling on TV and saying things like “Peace on Earth”. PUKE!!! – Ted


(Globalist) Brzezinski:
‘Global political awakening’ making Syrian war difficult.

Translation: It is hard to be a cat burglar when the spotlights are on you – Ted

Syria anti-intervention march in London draws thousands

Published time: August 31, 2013 17:01

Protestors demonstrate against potential strikes on the Syrian government, at Trafalgar Square in central London August 31, 2013. (Reuters / Olivia Harris)

Protestors demonstrate against potential strikes on the Syrian government, at Trafalgar Square in central London August 31, 2013. (Reuters / Olivia Harris)

Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to take part in the ‘Hands off Syria’ rally, protesting against the US-lead military intervention in the Middle Eastern country.

The demonstrators carried banners, saying “War solves nothing,” “Cut war not welfare,” and “Stop the war coalition” as polls show that opposition against the use of British missiles in Syria stands at two to one among UK citizens.

One of the speakers on stage – Labour Party MP, Diane Abbott – said that an “illegal” war in Syria “wouldn’t solve anything,” adding that “if the answer is an American military intervention than you have asked the wrong questions.”

British Pakistani writer, Tariq Ali, stressed that this time the anti-war protest has “the support of an overwhelming majority of the British and the American people,” warning that military intervention will only prolong the Syrian civil war, which started in earnest in March 2011.

Hundreds of people take part in a protest against military intervention in Syria in central London on August 31, 2013. (AFP Photo / Carl Court)

Hundreds of people take part in a protest against military intervention in Syria in central London on August 31, 2013. (AFP Photo / Carl Court)

The Stop the War Coalition said they expected around 5,000 people to take part in the action, which would also include a march in central London through the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street.

It’s the second ‘Hands off Syria’ rally to take place in the British capital this week after around a 1,000 gathered in front of the UK government’s headquarters on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the UK parliament voted against British involvement in a military campaign in Syria, leaving the US without the support of its usual ally.


Iran’s parliament has given preliminary approval to a bill requiring the government to sue the US for its involvement in the 1953 coup that overthrew the country’s democratically elected prime minister.

The bill follows the release of newly declassified documents offering more details of how the CIA orchestrated the overthrow of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh 60 years ago.


Russia Sends Warships to Mediterranean; Denies Syria Link
Missile cruiser & anti-submarine ship head to troubled region.


UK Votes Against Syria Military Action

British Prime Minister David Cameron has lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes, a stunning defeat for a government which had seemed days away from joining the U.S. in possible attacks to punish Bashar Assad’s regime over an alleged chemical weapons attack.


(AP) UK Prime Minister Cameron loses Syria war vote

Associated Press, LONDON

British Prime Minister David Cameron has lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes, a stunning defeat for a government which had seemed days away from joining the U.S. in possible attacks to punish Bashar Assad’s regime over an alleged chemical weapons attack.


J Buzz Webb
So, this government, which has used nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, conventional bombs of all configurations including the largest explosive capacity munitions known to mankind, plus flying death robots, who have slaughtered more than a million civilians in the past 11 years, 10 months, 23 days of this GWoT, displacing and destroying the homes, businesses, and lives of countless millions more in 6 undeclared wars and countless covert wars, propping up brutal dictators and puppet regimes around the globe, caging people eternally without charges, torturing people to death, while giving material support and training to new terrorist recruits…. they have the gall to go after another government whom they *allege* may have used chemical weapons without solid evidence on *who* actually used them while calling the other government “indiscriminately violent”, “brutal” and “oppressive”.

Western Center for Journalism

US Attack To Begin On Syria Saturday!

That would make the date of the attack August 31, 2013, according to “Before It’s News.” I certainly hope that does not prove to be the case, however. Knowing what a narcissist Obama is, who knows what he might do?


Amid Syria Uproar, CIA Files Show U.S. Helped Saddam Gas Iranians

Recently declassified CIA documents show that the U.S. government was helping Saddam Hussein in the ’80s even though it knew he was engaged in brutal chemical attacks against Iran. by Alex Newman

Video: Russell Brand Breaks Down Syria, Destroys Mainstream Media

Anthony Gucciardi | Russell Brand breaks down the Syrian war scenario and media spin.




Putting a bunch of it all together with many more relevant links:

Who Benefits From A War Between The United States And Syria?


Do your part to prevent WWIII:


They did not “miss” this news

They deliberately diverted your attention

from what THEY were helping to do.

They are few. We are many. They will not win; they will not get their way, if we pay attention. Please, PAY ATTENTION.

Do not waste your time absorbing junk and lies. Do not waste your money on connections to Mainstream Media. Spend it wisely on communications and information that they do not control.