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Unfair! He ducked!

Now this headline is rich:


We have a HUGE, highly organized, sophisticated, evil gang manipulating world events, the media and our government.

They blatantly, constantly and lethally violate our Constitution, flaunt point-by-point darn-near the entire Bill of Rights.

They spend more on illegally, undeclared wars than on the entire rest of their bloated, illegal and counter-productive government programs.

They spend more on direct transfers of dollars directly into the accounts of a small, select group of international bankers than the entire budget INCLUDING military spending.

They build multi-billion-dollar high-tech spying data centers right before our eyes, openly confessing to collecting Internet traffic on nearly EVERYBODY on the planet, yet have the liar-in-chief publicly deny that they are. The masses believe his words rather than the evidence smack dab in their faces. Aaaauugh!

…Oh yeah, back to what I started off to say….

So Edward Snowden (and Bradley Manning) expose pieces of the grandest deceit in the history of mankind. And the deceivers complain,

“Hey, he’s not playing fair. He is ducking while we are firing our machine guns, rockets, flame-throwers at him.”

I’m reminded of some non-sporting 1776 colonials who, rather than standing rank-and-file to be mowed down by the most powerful army in the world, used cover, concealment and craft to defeat the oppressors.