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stamp act

stampsI used a new-to-me stamp today – aaaugh!
What a pile of postal service propaganda.

We are to accept Equality”
as what the USA and its flag stand for….
equal in mediocrity
equally subordinate
equally docile and uninspired.

stampsThe U S Postal Service puts it together on the sheet with Freedom, Liberty and Justice.

Liberty and Freedom do not belong on the same set of stamps with Equality. Freedom to excel is the ability to break the chains of mediocrity. It is the environment of liberty that unfetters innovation, creation, and excellence. Every advance made in the lot of the human animal was someone, somewhere rising above equality.

People cannot be both free and equal. Yet even total loss of liberty would not deliver pure equality. It could come close, but only a universal vegetative state could fully succeed. Meanwhile, what about those charged with enforcing the near-utopia of universal equality? How about those giving the orders to the enforcers? How about the decision makers?

We are back to Animal Farm with some being more equal than the rest. New boss, same as the old boss. Actually, much worse as the old boss was exceptionalism and freedom for each individual to choose the best for themselves from a smorgasboard of ideas and opportunities. The new boss hates people smarter than he is, driving the whole herd and species lower and lower down the evolutionary ladder at the end of a club.

The American Dream was very definitely not created with equality, but rather on Liberty. Those words should share space on a block of stamps only as night and day or right and wrong do.

But what else could be expected from the U S Postal Service? In a free market it would have disappeared long ago. It is enforced equality that keeps that most inefficient of shipping organizations alive against superior competitors in both the electronic and physical conveyance markets.

Perhaps the flaw in their new stamp set could be their motto:
U S Postal Service
The dinosaur of delivery systems on the life support of Equality