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1,000 words X3

A friend sent me an e-mail with a number of vintage photos. Three of them jumped out at me. If all you know of Slick Willy is the opinions promulgated by mainstream media, this early Billy-Boy photo is nothing.

Here we have a beautifully-captured image of a young guy discovering that if he merely says and does whatever these powerful dudes to his left want him to say and do, he can diddle all the cute chicks he can see out in front of him, and have a whole bunch more a-ga-ga over his every word. Kinda like being the Beatles without having to develop any talent … besides being a consummate liar and eager order-taker.

Future presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush with Governor George Wallace at a BBQ in 1983.

In case you are young or forgetful, I guess I should mention that George Wallace was a racist, dictatorial pig who the Bilderbergs put in charge of Alabama before your time. He played a famous and pivotal role in the transition out of apartheid in the USA … on the wrong side.

As in insurance policy against ignorance of the players here, I will also mention that Gee Wiz Bush parlayed his position as the Bilderberg-installed chief of the CIA using our money and resources to collect dossiers on anyone and everyone anywhere on Earth into presiding over the world.

Now look again at Slick’s face. Tell me you don’t read:

Cool Beans! Power, money and cute chicks a’plenty.
I’d sell my soul to the devil for this.

And so he did.

Lest you miss it, do you have any idea how astronomical the odds are against having two future presidents RANDOMLY buddy-buddy ten and twenty years BEFORE THE PEOPLE selected them for that high office in an open, fair election?

Moreover, here is a Democrat governor, a future Republican president and a future Democrat president chumming it up in one great party…. and THAT is exactly what it is, one great party, The Deceiver Party.

Hot on the heels of that Willy image, pops out an early one of Gee Wiz hisownself playing sports. SPORTSMANSHIP? Ah yes, that’s for suckers. Ditto Honor, Integrity, Fair play.


George W. Bush plays a little dirty rugby for Yale in 1966.

Some fundamentals in the human spirit do not change with age and maturity. The Bilderbergs recognize this – and capitalize on it. They prowl college campuses looking for people exactly like this to foster, fondle and promote. Those in power guide, control, direct, promote and bless upcoming psychopaths just like them. We end up with elections choosing between polio and bubonic plague. Oh how exciting, my preference won!

They can even find their desired traits in a foreign-exchange student and groom him to be president. Legality matters not a whit. The absolute lack of honor and integrity combined with unquestioning loyalty to the real power behind the throne is all it takes – oh, and the consummate ability to lie without outwardly detectable signs … probably only possible to the absolutely amoral, but I venture outside my expertise with that theory.

The third photo in the set that grabbed my attention was somewhat on the same theme. Qualifications to be the most powerful politician in the most populous state in the union … also as a single entity, the eighth largest economy in the world… well, it was when he took over, anyway.

Lemmesee, his qualifications for that job were …. uh……


California’s Governator before he ran for the office.


After posting the above article, I read another that spoke well to the morality issue and more. I think it is well worth the read. how-the-corrupt-establishment-is-selling-moral-bankruptcy-to-america