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grocery stores

I recently read a comment on how increasingly rare it is for “modern” people to sew and even cook. That made me flash on grocery stores … It occurs to me how little of those great big stores we actually shop. The store we use for most of our weekly grocery shopping could shrink by 66% without reducing our selection at all.

Just off the top of my head, I am sure there is that much or more excessively prepared canned, boxed and frozen stuff we will never even look at, let alone buy. In other even bigger stores we frequent even less often, the percentage of “wasted space” is a whole lot higher.

The folks who are buying the stuff we don’t even see will be paralyzed by any disruption at all in the delivery system.

Knowing that successful stores are smart enough to get the same income from every foot of shelving indicates a massive percentage of future helpless-soup-line-standers in our current population – even where I live. Wow.

Bad news for them: Gun and ammo sales in this neck of the woods are every bit as good as real food sales.