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NEW Spying Scandal

NEW Spying Scandal — Is This One the Last Straw?
By Perry Willis

I post this directly, unedited from the original site. Click the hot-link above to get it from the source with all of their supporting links and graphics. Read it here as a second choice. – Ted

The following information comes from Reuters …

The NSA is spying on you and sharing this information with the DEA
The DEA is then sharing this information with local law enforcement

If you get arrested because of this, abandon all hope because …

Law enforcement is hiding where the evidence came from
This means you cannot effectively challenge the evidence in court

But it gets worse…

The DEA unit responsible for this program — the ominous sounding Special Operations Division — is a secret organization. It cannot be investigated by defense attorneys or called into court. Even the location of the Special Operations Division is classified.

Now remember what you were promised…

Your so-called “representatives” promised you that the NSA only spies on those associated with foreign terrorists. They’ve insisted that there is no domestic aspect to this spying.

You now know this to be untrue. It’s just one more lie. So let me ask you …

When will enough be enough ?

At what point does our so-called government cease to be legitimate? At what point do we declare it to be a criminal entity?

We think we should start making this declaration NOW. We will launch a new campaign for exactly this purpose starting tomorrow.

The hardwired message to Congress will read …

I no longer consider the federal “government” to have any legitimate authority. A long train of abuses and usurpations persuades my conscience that it has become a criminal enterprise. In the future I will submit to it out of fear rather than allegiance. Here’s part of why I feel this way …

Should you choose to make use of this campaign you will be able to list whatever reasons you like. It may be about this latest spying scandal, or a long list of other abuses and usurpations, including perhaps, but not limited to …

NSA spying
Fat-cat bailouts at taxpayer expense
Missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
Massive counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve
Acts of torture committed in your name
Indefinite detention under NDAA provisions
Illegal wars
IRS targeting of political opponents
Drone attacks on foreign civilians
The largest, national incarceration rate on the planet
Assassinating Americans
Obamacare imposed against the will of the people
Illegal gun-running in Operation Fast & Furious

The list could go on and on, almost without end. The real question is this…..

When have you had enough?
When have your friends had enough?

These are very important questions, not to be taken lightly. So, please think about this today and tonight. Please also consider sharing this message with those close to you. Try to start a discussion: How much criminality are we prepared to endorse from our so-called government? How long will we sit silent while the criminality expands? How long before we withdraw our allegiance?

Other people are having similar thoughts. While you may disagree with some elements of these articles (we do), you may still find it valuable to read …

Claire Wolfe, who writes, “…millions… have been edging for years toward the realization that something’s terribly, terribly wrong.”
Paul Craig Roberts, who declares that, “Americans are oppressed by an illegitimate government ruling, not by law and the Constitution, but by lies and naked force.”

Until tomorrow …

Perry Willis & Jim Babka, Inc.