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Mr. Lucky Part III

While this should have been part of Lucky Part II, a friend who knew of the incident pointed out that I forgot to include it, and now I prefer to make it part III.

In between rehabilitation rather than excommunicaton of my CRX was a transition time for me. I, being A Car Guy, bought it as an opportunity to savor a cool car. However, being of modest resources, I also had to justify its presence in my personal budget on a purely analytical, practical basis. It took help from that same good friend to get that latter part to support the former.

Unquestionably, a 50-mpg car is a good thing to have. However, a windshield, brakes, suspension, tires and alignment that absolutely, beyond-a-doubt need replacement and paint that howls for a do-over make a long-term commitment questionable.

But the analytics favored retention. So I re-upped with my Honda CRX HF.

I have found high quality vendors in my neighborhood with Rod’s Auto & Align being a great, honorable, knowledgeable shop for old, new and specialty car repairs. New brakes, new ball joints and a four wheel alignment transform my accident-waiting-to-happen into something akin to what the Honda factory intended me to have.

A real gem is All Valley Auto Glass. Matt and his wife run a mom’n’pop operation that is beautiful to observe. They work together extremely well – and have been for almost 20 years. Pride, honor, integrity, value. Dang, what’s not to like? They are truly expert with highest possible quality combined with great value. From chip repair to replacement, you cannot do better.

So I have this somewhat rehabilitated CRX and a new attitude towards it that is more appreciation than “Oh well”-disposable. I cannot justify the paint job rehab – a BAD one that will look like crap in a year is $1500, a quality one that will look good for a decade is $3000. Neither fit my current situation.

As you read in part II, things have started going my way since my reconcilliation with my almost-a-sports-car. Somehow, refilling the fuel tank slipped my mind. Among its rough edges, the fuel gauge has refused to respond favorably to three removal, repair, re-install efforts. It still reads empty from half-a-tank on down to truly empty. Thus, the trip-meter is the real gauge… over 300 miles begins time to consider refueling. With a 9-gallon tank, 400 miles is definitely STOP SOON FOR FILLUP.

Minding my own business, heading home out of Darby, I reach the half-way point to have a missfire begin. That causes a review of the fuel gauge that is solidly on EMPTY (but not meaning much) and a trip meter that is at 430 miles!!!


Moment of panic!

In the middle of a two-lane 70-mph highway I hang an emergency U-Turn. The moment I am pointed back to “town” (Darby), I realize that I am every bit as close to the Conner Store where the fuel is not only cheaper, but LOCAL. I hang a repeat U-Turn and gracefully, economically accelerate to the most economical speed I think I can get out of 5th gear.

Sputter, cough, purr……………..

I am definitely out of gas.
I have 4+ miles to go.
I intend to shorten the miles I have to walk and be towed
by as much as I can.
Nurse this puppy.

There are very few vehicles in the world that can go 4 miles on fumes.
Eat your heart out those of you who don’t have ’91 Honda CRXs.

It died 100 yards before Conner Cutoff Road.
Nobody coming the other way, I made a sweeping turn that retained my forward speed.
We coasted up over the East Fork bridge.
…. all downhill to the Conner Store gas pump.

I think we are going to be very good friends.

My lucky streak is definitely back on track.