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Montana medical campfire

The future of USA medical care is grim for both customers and providers.

Darby Montana has great potential to help both.

It is remote, independent, a popular fly-in location and could use a clinic or medical center.

It has a few vacant buildings that could easily house a small or medium clinic or medical center.

It is a beautiful, peaceful place that has attracted a large number of financially secure residents who could play significant roles in establishing a medical enterprise.

There are a few local providers who are poorly served by the Hamilton, Montana-dominated medical center 17 miles north, not to mention a large number of customers who would enjoy alternatives.

July 31st, Mountain Spirit Inn will host

an evening campfire to discuss the feasibility of

establishing a medical center in Darby, Montana.

We encourage anyone who has an interest or curiosity to come visit Darby Montana then
[plus before and after].

It is both a beautiful place to visit and to live.

As a mere customer in this realm, I claim no expertise nor intend a significant role for myself. However, as a man of unfettered vision, I can see possibilities. One non-mainstream example that jumps to my mind is the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. More on that here: stark contrast in medical care models

I also see a potential to serve this physicians expressed desires: Physicians’ Declaration of Independence