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ear candy in Missoula

tuba1A little known BIG DEAL is happening in Missoula this weekend. I, for one, will not miss it. For the first time in its 26-year history, the Harvey Phillips Northwest Big Brass Bash will take place in Missoula. It will bring about 70 tuba and euphonium players from around the Northwest for a two-day tuba conference and concert.

One of the Big Brass Bash, otherwise known as a tuba extravaganza, concerts will take place at Bonner Park, Missoula on Sunday at 2 p.m. The musicians also will play at a 5 p.m. recital on Saturday at Sentinel High School, also in Missoula.

Spectators are welcome to enjoy the sights and sounds at both events for free.

While not quite trombones, these lovely low-brass instruments are a very close second. The lovers of them will enjoy a rare treat as some of the best musicians in the world will make them sing. It is definitely an event I will treasure.