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rural electrification

In 1930, 90% of the USofA homes had electricity delivered via power lines from major electrical producers. The rulers of that recently impoverished nation decreed that they would confiscate money from everybody who had any money at all, and spend it to run power lines to those that couldn’t be reached economically by supply-and-demand. They, of course, used lovely words to make it sound like it was good for all the people.

It was certainly good for the big companies, owners and bosses who were given the contracts to run the power lines. It was also good for those whose power plants were thus connected to the remote homesteads. More winners were found in the world’s largest corporation, General Electric and its fellow electrical appliance builders. Of course GE won double as it did, and still does, manufacture most of the electrical generating equipment for major power plants, including today nuclear, wind and hydroelectric.

Oh gee, I almost forgot another set of winners: The politicians who received bribes.. oops, I mean campaign contributions from the big companies mentioned above.

Those who had been getting along without electricity found themselves needing GE refrigerators, washing machines, radios and more. Those who were utilizing and developing other ways to live, work and play found themselves competing with a very well established matrix of power production, distribution and consumption. Thus methane heat generation, windmill water well pumps, solar water heaters and myriad other technologies atrophied, died, were stillborn or never conceived. Plus, not incidentally, centralized physical power creation and distribution also aids centralized political power, the ability to deceive great masses from central departments of information and of course centralized control.

It is a gorgeous WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all … except the people, planet and liberty.

GREAT NEWS! That was so dang much fun in the Americas, Europe and Asia that we get to see it in Africa now.

On June 30th, The Liar In Chief announced this brand new idea to an adoring audience.

President Barack Obama on Sunday announced a sweeping initiative to help bring electrical power to some of Africa’s poorest regions, while reflecting on the legacy of Nelson Mandela and urging the continent to continue the work of South Africa’s ailing former leader.

Speaking at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the president announced a $7 billion initiative to bring electrical power to sub-Saharan Africa in an effort to help modernize the continent and better connect it with the rest of the world.

Oh, by the way, did you notice that Nelson Mandela refused to be visited by The Liar In Chief? That’s called “Going out in style”.