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the big silver play

What is going on with the silver market (and gold) is straightforward, simple and predictable, though the timing of the moves is not. We are in a major window of opportunity today that will slam shut dramatically some day soon. Meanwhile, the main players have pulled off some awesome feats with nary a ripple of heartily-earned outrage. Before I can explain my awe, I must establish background.

As of the year 2000, there were seven countries without a Rothschild-owned Central Bank:
Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Iran

The only countries now left without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are:
Cuba, North Korea, Iran.

You might remember the latter names from your lamestream media reports on which countries are “currently dangerous to US interests”, and the former list from those that used to be.

How does a central bank work? What does it do? Why does anybody care?

A central bank is a privately-owned corporation authorized by the government to create money out of thin air. They loan this money to lesser banks and to governments. This made-up money then must be paid back to them. In the meantime, the interest on the loan of money made up out of thin air is paid to the central bankers at the prime rate, which they make up too.

If the debtor defaults, the central bank now owns the asset… which, in many cases turns out to be the whole country.

The central bank you are most familiar with is called “The Federal Reserve Bank”. The interest on debt the government of the USA owes to it absorbs the entire proceeds of the income taxes and more! Every single year that goes by, the people of the USA pay 1/3 of their income to the Rothschilds and watch their government fall just a little deeper in debt.

As you might imagine, the family owning all of the world’s central banks is quite wealthy and powerful. With almost literally all of the money in the world, they control all of the major corporations, including the media, finance both sides of every election campaign or coup d’etat in the world and over half the world’s illicit drug operations. afghanistan-opium-fields (The USA Army is today tasked with protecting the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan. Air America (CIA’s air freight company) flew opium, morphine and heroin out of Vietnam for the entirety of that “war”.)

In a way none of us will ever experience, having all that does not satisfy them. It has instead turned them into the worst sociopaths and psychopaths imaginable. The good news is that you are much happier than they are. The bad news is they plan to reverse that. Sadly, it is not by making themselves happier, but the rest of us either dead or miserable.

They have quite publicly announced their conclusion that the world is 90% overpopulated with humans. They intend to FIX that with themselves in the 10% remaining as a ruling elite and the rest as palace guard, serfs, peasants, slaves or outlaws.

Finally I get to return to the main topic, silver and the recent big play.

97% – 98% of the silver traded on the COMEX (Commodities Exchange established in 1933 by guess-who) is in the form of paper promises to deliver real silver at some unspecified future date, which always turns out to be NEVER. The central banks exchange these paper promises amongst themselves in this and similar central exchanges around the world. As you can see, this means The Family is passing notes around the dining table and controlling the world-wide price of silver (and gold) in so doing.

In the physical silver world, industrial use far exceeds the silver coming out of the ground (before April). I won’t even try to list the multitude of silver uses here, but has a big page full of them. Suffice it to say, these uses will not diminish significantly in the near future and these customers will pay whatever it costs to get the real thing and keep their businesses going.

Add to that those of us who recognize the disappearing value of paper monopoly money and the historically stable store of wealth in precious metals like gold and silver. Physical demand is way up with about a $9 per ounce premium over the artificially-created paper price.

What the manipulators have accomplished is enlightening. Most of the small silver mines in the world have ceased production! They cannot afford to mine and refine silver at the current market price. Nearly all of them were too small to operate at a loss for an extended period of time.

The banksters began knocking the top off the market in June 2011, when a flood of dollars escaping to a safe haven threatened their plans. This shut down many mom’n’pop marginal silver producing mines. They got real inspired April 2013 and drove it to a crazy low that shut down almost all the rest of the silver producers. Only a few massive mega-mines remained pulling silver out for the refiners and mints to work with.

Then, suddenly, Utah’s Kennicott Copper mine, the world’s largest mine operating safely for over a century had a main wall inexplicably collapse shutting it down for years, perhaps a decade.

A major fluke to be sure.

Amazingly coinciding with a plunge in the manipulated paper-silver market.

Oh my, but in mid-May Freeport’s Grasberg mine in Papua, Indonesia – the world’s second largest copper, gold and silver mine – suffered a collapse! The Government (owned by you-know-who) has shut down their operations indefinitely (only until they can be assured of safe operation, mind you). Less than a month after the world’s largest collapsed.

How is your belief in coincidence doing?

Oh, I guess I should mention that The House of Rothschild, Rockefellers, well heck most of The Bilderberg Group for that matter, along with their central banks are buying up physical silver and gold in unprecedented quantities … at a price they personally drove into a fraction of its market price.

You want some good investment advice, ask them.

Buy gold and silver.

Copper might not be a bad play, either.

I suppose I’m not overly surprised that they could pull this off with so little notice in the press that they own (see media consolidation). I am rather amazed and fascinated by the plays they make, though.

It is one heck of a show if you are paying attention.

It will be a devastating body-slam if you are not.

The great silver play charted out. What is going to be real impressive is the next ramp UP. It will make 2011 look like a small blip.