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NSA sneaks up on us

The folks watching lamestream media have suddenly discovered that the NSA is monitoring their cell phones, tablets, Internet use, Google searches, e-mails, Facebook, and much more.

NSA PRISM program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others


How did that sneak up on us?

As Gary Johnson points out, “If your U.S. Representative or Senator is expressing outrage about the NSA’s abuses, ask how he or she voted on the Patriot Act, FISA, the “Protect America Act”, etc. And if the answer is “Yes, but we never intended this.”, suggest that maybe it is time that Congress start assuming that the government might use –or abuse — the authority it is given, especially when that authority can be exercised in secret.”

Top secret PRISM program claims direct access to servers of firms including Google, Skype and Yahoo. Companies deny any knowledge of program in operation since 2007.

Oh c’mon guys. Your credibility has vaporized.

The NSA’s new Utah data center did not just appear out of thin air. This sucker is One Million Square Feet – twice the size of the nation’s capital. It uses more water and more electricity than a large city. There is a hiring boom going on right now in Utah for geeky drones at high pay to shed their morality at the door like overcoats, and run supercomputers instead of flipping burgers or mowing lawns. And this is only the newest of NSA’s data centers, which are scattered all over the USA.
And the executives in the high tech industry expect me to believe they knew nothing? Our government oaffishals claim to know nothing?

Why are search engines like Ixquick who does not even record your IP address such popular alternatives to functionally similar Google and Yahoo? Why are open-source operating systems like Linux that require additional research and knowledge of its users popular? Why do many know that you must remove your cell phone battery if you want privacy in its presence? Why do I even know what all that means?

I sure shouldn’t have to. In a free country I wouldn’t. Sadly, I do. And most certainly, those guys at the top in the tech companies are either incompetent or deceitful when feigning surprise and claiming ignorance, as do our congressmen, senators, governors, tech-industry execs and Homeland Insecurity Department insiders, the octopus in the middle of this mess.

Next thing you know lamestream media and your congresscritters will all discover Building 7* and Fema camps**.

Do an Ixquick search on those and you can be weeks ahead of them.

* About 327,999,937 results
** About 12,199,025 results