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’91 CRX HF wants love

I have enjoyed this car and looked forward to an interesting and fun relationship, but life has its meanderings that aren’t always as we expect them to be. Timing and priorities have me prepared to bid adeau to the closest thing to a sports car that I’ve had in 13 years.

My Craigslist ad:
’91 CRX HF wants love – $2400 (Conner)


Someone might look this car over carefully and say “It needs a lot of work”.
That is not the kind of person who should look at this car.
Don’t waste my time or yours.

This is a 22-year-old Honda CRX that works fine as it is. I’ve fixed some significant issues well, others with band-aids. All with an appreciation for the great potential in the ‘stripper’ model with a 1713-pound curb weight and everything that means for handling, performance and economy. It has a straight body, no rust that I’ve seen, decent tires and has given me 38-to-49.5 mpg for a year and a half (my wife breaks 50mpg with it, but doesn’t have half the fun). I get a steady 44.5mpg.

We just moved up from Idaho. I’m several months from getting my shop set up, the Honda wants a tune-up, and the wife wants a small sedan of her own. Somebody else gets the CRX.

Again, this is the HF model. No electric windows. No air conditioning. No sound deadening. No extra weight. It was built for fuel economy, but guys who like curves know something else about it.

It wants a tune-up soon. Fuel economy suddenly fell off.
It would really like new paint. No rust, but no way to make it look RED either.
It would like a new windshield. A low break. Shop said no problem – cosmetic only.
Gearbox (I love the ratios) needs finesse to find reverse. Easy for me. You???
It would like new window felt and a rubber kit, but stays dry inside as is.
Horns are disconnected. If connected they are ON. Horns are over-rated. I just go around.
A tire balance and brake job would probably be nice.
… but so would brakes, wheels and tires from one of the heavier models.

The frame was splitting when I got it. I built a brace like the racers use, then had a welding shop repair the frame and install the brace. The rear end is SOLID.

There it is. Send an e-mail if you can like it as is and for what it is. Price may become negotiable in a few weeks, but very definitely not right away.