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The Outlaw Sea

The Outlaw Sea by William Langewiesche caught my eye in our public library. The jacket liner promises a description of a world beyond the control of any and all governments… A world of freedom, chaos and crime. It delivers – and provides significant understanding of areas that intrigue me. I know one mariner: Cap’n Gooch. I admire and respect anyone who could sail into open ocean, using their own wits and skills to return to dry land, more than once. I haven’t even been cargo at sea, but have read and seen photos of some really scary manifestations of raw natural power. Turns out that is only a piece of the variables that determine success and failure of seagoing ventures. […]

Thursday gig

The Bitterroot Community Band plays its opening gig at the Hamilton Bandshell this Thursday, June 27th, at 8:00pm. This is a fun COMMUNITY group from junior high to senior citizen who share the joy of making band music together. We are a handful of great and not-so-great musicians who clearly believe that life is not a spectator sport… so come watch us play ;). I am having a good time playing in this band. So much so that I drive an hour from Conner to Stevensville to practice (play) and an hour back every week AND whatever it takes to be at the gigs, wherever they are. Come look-see. Better yet, PARTICIPATE.

prevent home invasion

While nothing short of being homeless will completely turn the trick, some commonsense steps can reduce the likelihood your home will be invaded by common thieves. 1. Be a good neighbor I don’t think there is any factor more important than this one. It is significant for robberies, burglaries, and crucial in natural and man-made disasters. Know your neighbors. Accept them for who they are. Like their likeable parts. Learn their names and have some time to just listen to them. I’d say start a neighborhood watch or posse, but having more than a little experience here, I know you will have to be amazingly lucky to get anything like that going. Do what you can to help your neighborhood […]

pot calls snow “black”

It is a twist of the old pot calling the kettle “black” when the traitorous federales accuse Snowden of treason for exposing them. The entirety of the federal legislative, executive and judicial branch have used the Constitution defining their roles and limitations as toilet paper. They have so trashed the rule of law that it is an extremely rare outlander who has more than a glimmering of what that should mean. I’ll help out a little here by quoting and summarizing some of the relevant portions of that defining document. Check the Bitterroot Bugle Permanent Pages list on the left column for the complete text or anywhere else the US Constitution is revered. The Constitution of the United States of […]

layabouts and leaches

Unfortunately there are idlers and parasites who deface good things created by and for good people. Every time constructive people come up with a way to prevent one abuse, the idlers find another. The Internet is a good example with lazy slobs messing up or riding on the back of creative folks who produce and share constructive or artistic websites. Some grant grudging respect to the hackers. An infinitesimal few earn that. Most use ideas and hacks created by the few and shared widely among fellow idlers. Their lives are being pissed-away breaking into locked rooms and anonymously shouting obscenities at passerbys. They can’t do something as useful as making a good walking stick. There have been a flood of […]

Summer Gathering

Big Oath Keepers Summer Gathering at Annual North West Patriots and Preparedness Rally, July 26-28 Attention all Oath Keepers and liberty-minded Patriots! Oath Keepers presents the first annual Oath Keepers Patriots and Self Reliance Rally in northern Idaho. This is THE summer Oath Keepers gathering to attend. July 26 – 28, 2013. Farrgut State Park Athol, Idaho (between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, East of Hwy 95) SPEAKERS: Stewart Rhodes Sheriff Richard Mack Pastor Chuck Baldwin Dale Pearce Kris Anne Hall Cope Reynolds and others! Music by Jordan Page! (an awesome liberty artist)

theft by another name

Years ago, Congressman Hansen of Idaho created the list below of powers exercised by the Infernal Robbery Slime. There is nothing Constitutionally authorized about their very existence, let alone what they do. That, of course, doesn’t matter much. A handful of people fight and win against them. Many more attempt and lose. It is screamingly obvious that no free country was designed with an organization like this having any part in it. You will know we have liberty when they are no longer part of your world. Only the IRS can attach 100% of a tax debtor’s wages and/or property. Only the IRS can invade the privacy of a citizen without court process of any kind. Only the IRS can […]

Brits waking up?

Many of us are amazed that the British people allowed themselves to be disarmed. That they accept executive, legislative and judicial government who actively and aggressively PUNISH self-defense and tolerate violent crime just leaves us shaking our heads. How could an entire society be THAT INSANE? Now comes this. Maybe they aren’t all nuts. British newspaper poll nobody will hear about By Alan Gottlieb When the British daily newspaper The Telegraph asked readers which of six suggested measures they would like to see introduced in the House of Commons, reader response was surprisingly tilted toward one significant proposal, but you probably won’t hear about it from the U.S. media. Of the six suggestions that included setting a flat tax and […]

armed and dangerous

I’m pasting this article just as I found it. I am mainly working on straightening and organizing my studio space, including cleaning out my e-mail box. Thus this article must find a new home… and HERE it is. This first question is THE QUESTION. Why indeed? Perhaps someday soon I’ll go in delve deeper into a discussion of that illegal, unlawful, awful agency. Meanwhile, ponder it a bit. Read the next line several times and mull it over a bit. Representative Jeff Duncan wants to know: Why are IRS law enforcement agents training with AR-15 rifles. As chairman of the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, Duncan (R-S.C.) toured a federal law enforcement facility in late May and noticed agents training […]

Bitterroot Community Band

I was pleased with much about my first experience with the Bitterroot Community Band. Evening practices 45 miles away are off-putting, but sharing time with an all-ages band who play well together makes up for that – and more. Plus, the miles are absolutely beautiful. People spend their vacations trying to find scenery like this. Oh yeah, back to the band. They unquestionably welcome all musicians of all ages. It attracts the better music students who wish to keep their skills up during summer vacation from school, along with half a dozen music teachers who, except for the director/conductor, get to play an instrument for a change. Also in there are recent high school and college graduates now finding this […]

Edward Snowden

He gave up his life on the chance he could improve yours, and mine. The very least I could do is share some of what he gave us. You should too out of respect, out of love for him, yourself, your family, your community, liberty, the hope this country used to represent to the world that there may somewhere be a dream world where life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can thrive without perverts taking control. —- 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine By Michael, on June 10th, 2013 Would you be willing to give up what Edward Snowden has given up? He has given up his high paying job, […]

worst thing about NSA revelations

Introducing Claire Wolffe on the subject of NSA in your bedroom, office, head and bed. She’s a wonderful author, publisher and person. You can see her column and work at But today, you can read her current post right here. Of course it doesn’t have the dozen hot-links that make it so much more valuable. I encourage you to go read it there. But here it is in case you don’t wanna go there. the worst thing about the nsa revelations I’ve been trying to figure out the worst thing about the NSA revelations and it’s been hard to put my finger on that. It’s not the loss of privacy. I hate that. I really, really hate that and […]

FREE: 200-feet of 4-foot-tall fence

I have a run of field fence where I don’t want it. It is 6″ x 8″ rectangles at the top and 6″ x 4″ at the bottom. It is about 46″ tall. I paced it off at about 200′ long. Includes posts. It definitely has another run left in its life (no rust). You remove, but I’m betting it will be easy. e-mail me . . . . . . . . . . .

silence is …. is a solid source of news. Many, maybe most of their articles are solid hits. They are frequently home-runs. This one is in the latter category. I share it here. If Edward Snowden Is a Criminal, Why Aren’t the Rest of Us Criminals As Well? by John W. Whitehead Recently by John W. Whitehead: America’s New Normal: Mass Surveillance, Secret Courts and Death to Whistleblowers “We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds: we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretence; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open; intolerable conflicts have worn us down and even made us cynical. Are we still of […]