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better than money in the bank

amm-2230Cheaper Than Dirt!
just sent me a bargain bulletin:

Federal .5.56 SS109 – $359.79

for a 300 round box.

It is great that the ammo is available again. For too long it has not been. But the price makes one gasp if you are familiar with the good old days of a year or two ago.

This brings to my mind several elements of relevant market forces that we should be seriously considering now.

1. Be grateful for the market where scarcity is resolved by making the market attractive to suppliers who can deliver at a higher price what is unavailable at a lower one. It at least provides product. The alternative is always empty shelves.

If they have to run an extra shift, hire extra workers, lease space, buy equipment, or whatever adjustments are required, at least the market rewards their investment with a the hope of getting a return on that investment.

2. Know who is to blame. The ruling elite has been buying inconceivable amounts of ammunition. The Department of Homeboy Insecurity has enough to run a Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan war for 35 years .. and continues to stockpile. This is NOT for any need they have other than to make it hard for their enemies to buy any. If you find it harder to find or afford ammo, you now know that you are their enemy.

3. Even if you never plan to shoot it, or don’t even have a rifle that can (bad choice, though), .223/5.56 ammo is a great way to store wealth. It has quadrupled in value in 5 years, doubled in the last year and that trajectory shows no sign of changing. As long as the market forces remain in play or get stronger, the value is there and growing.

4. In a world where the central banksters are diluting the money supply in wholesale amounts, anything you buy with dollars is a better place to store your wealth than anything dependent on dollars. Anyone paying attention to the little world they actually live in can see that groceries, fuel and the essentials of their lives have doubled in dollar-related terms in the last year.

When EVERYTHING appears to be going up,
you are on the escalator going down.

The dollar is going down. Get out of it. Do not hold dollars. Do not hold anything dependent on any of the world’s fiat (unbacked paper promises) currencies. It is all going down. If this is not clear to you yet, I want you to think about it.

What would happen to your life IF your dollars were no more useful than Monopoly play money?

IF that would be a problem for you, an intelligent response would be to spend SOME time researching the possibility that those of us who are warning of that near-term eventuality might be right.

I’m not going to repeat my many essays on the topic, but you can certainly look at them, pick among the list, follow the supporting links and read any of the suggested articles and books. Here are 113 of my essays on economics going back to May 2007. You can start there.

Or you can fast-forward, go to Cheaper Than Dirt! and transfer your soon-to-be stolen, useless or both bank savings account, stock portfolio and retirement funds into something the producers in your community will value in exchange for things you need – like food, energy, means of self-defense and other essentials.