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diversionary tactics

diversionThey are making me nervous again. In the grand one-world chess game, the Bilderbergs have precious few accidents. The six who control the media are upper-echelon. They aren’t putting this stuff out without a cause – one that serves their great scheme.

So what’s the real play?

Why are they publicly putting their boy on the hot seat?

All of this could be shut off like a light switch. What the heck is coming at us from the right that makes them so interested in having us look to the left? Or were we, the non-mainstream-media, getting too close to something particularly vulnerable?

Why are they offering these up?

The horrendous treatment of prisoners in Gitmo is getting real mainstream play.

Ditto the slaughter of children via drones. Though both are outrages of war-crime proportions, those are just the usual ho-hummers.

Benghazi? Of course it was a coordinated, centrally-controlled assassination. But why are the facts coming out of hiding now?

A big deal is being made of the Justice (sic) Department’s secret wholesale seizure of AP’s phone records. C’mon, the National Security Administration HAS all of that and so much more… I think they are up to 8 mega-data-centers that WE KNOW OF collecting every single bit and byte that travels within a million miles of the USA. This is NEW now????

They are outting the IRS for targeting “patriot” and “tea party” non-profits with wink, wink, nod, nod no political intent. This gig is ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD. They have been raping, pillaging and plundering for almost that entire time, always with support, direction and an enemies-list from those at the top. TODAY it is news???

I dunno.

All I can suggest is to watch very closely the back inside pages of the newspaper. Something very smelly is sneaking up on us and it is really, really ugly. I’ll let you know when I spot it.