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bad news for Montana

A nuclear incident will take place in Montana this week.
I hope you have your affairs in order.

Nuclear incident drills to start Monday across Montana
Great Falls Tribune .com

Now it might just be a series of drills. That is what the planners are publicizing. Certainly not all drills, trainings and exercises go live. But it is good to remember that every false flag event they created in the last dozen years had a corresponding training session happening in the same area at the same time.

At this moment I’m playing hookie from packing another load for our move, so I can’t take the time to put the proper supporting hot-links in here, but the simultaneous staged practices are definitely documented on the Internet for Sandy Hook, Aurora, London transit bomb, World Trade Centers and more.

Don’t panic. For one, that the false flags always have trainings attached does not mean that the trainings always have false flags attached. Also, Montana is a big place and they certainly don’t have to damage a lot of it to inspire their desired response. Heck, a small bombing by Arabian standards shut down the entire Boston area. A small nuke in Montana and the sheep would flock to the FEMA camp gates begging for entry.

I just want to point out here that IF an exciting something nuclear happens in Montana this week, you should turn your Something Smells Rotten Detector on to its highest setting.

If you are anywhere near Malmstrom Air Force Base or Helena AND have general plans for visiting quite a few hours away in the near future, this week might be a real good time for that visit.

As for me, my trajectory is firmly established. I’m packing another load and heading to Montana for the week. (Bright boy – He’ll get far in this world)

P.S. Lest you think it unprecedented, Utah’s turn to be nuked was quite some time ago, but very real nonetheless: The Day We Bombed Utah.