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I apologize in advance for the research and documentation I won’t do for this article. I’m still in the midst of a major move with far too much on my plate. My normal hot-links are not going to be here. The supporting evidence is on the Internet, if you want it.

Key figures in this latest false flag event are the usual suspects, The Bilderberg Group. The link there and this one on Banking History give you a good bit of background on them. Understand that they have spent centuries working their way into positions of wealth and power; that they continually seek and develop promising young people with useful morality (none) to put into key positions. They have metastasized and infected the governments, media and corporations of the world. They are not perfectly evil nor omnipotent, but the closest thing to it the world has ever seen.

As I posted yesterday, the silver window has closed. The opportunity for the masses of people to move their savings, their accumulated wealth no matter how little and dear, into precious metals has just been eliminated. When the manipulators start World War III and simultaneously collapse the currencies of the world, there will be no place for the people to secure their savings. All will be penniless peasants. Those who set this up will, in turn, be the royalty. THAT is the point of so much that happened to set this up. THAT is the end game. They win. You lose.

I know. It is preposterous. No sane person could want to destroy the entire economy. They lose so much. The world will be an awful place compared to what we AND they have now. But psychopaths are like that. Inflicting pain is more pleasurable to them than pleasure shared. They can’t be happy if you are happy. THIS is another one of the attributes they seek when finding young folks to groom for positions within their organization.

So they have to eliminate the ability of an awakening populace to retreat with their preserved capital into the best store for it. On the market in March was enough silver and gold that people could find it anywhere in the world. Its price would climb with extreme rapidity when the collapse of fiat currencies began, but it would be an alternative to the Bilderberg’s new One World fiat currency that I call The Rube.

The Rube will probably be that RFID card and/or the RFID implant that the sci-fi folks have amply described wherein the rulers can track and control everything you do with it, eliminating it and you whenever they wish. If you are a psychopath on the right side of this, what’s not to love about it?

So how to get there from here.

Again I refer to yesterday’s article on the silver window closing, but I now will add in the smokescreen they put up to hide their mine play and outline the move they just pulled off while hardly a soul noticed.

It is widely published that a handful of well-placed individuals control the price of silver via the COMEX market (paper trades). Also easily proven is the HUGE volume of gold and silver the central bankers of the world, the inner-circle of the Bilderberg Group, have been buying in this recent price dip.

Mines are unable to extract the ore at the current prices. They are shutting down and miners are looking for work elsewhere. Refiners and mints, with no material to work with are also going down. Oh, but the Kennecott copper mine in Utah, the world’s largest, can keep on going because gold and silver are only part of what they make their money on, not to mention that they are simply huge. They have been mining their open pit near Salt Lake City for over a century. There are enough miles of road inside that mine to run from Salt Lake City to Denver. But now, inexplicably, in the middle of a world crisis in silver and gold availability, this mine collapses so massively it will be years before it can reopen.

How come it didn’t make the mainstream news? Why isn’t this getting any attention?

Oh yeah, a bomb went off at a major public event killing 5 people.

You mean one of the daily bombs or multiples thereof killing men, women and children in Arabia? Oh no. This one killed real people. The Bilderberg television said so.

The Federal Bureau of Instigations and the Boys ATtacking with Firearms and Explosives have a strong recent history of instigating, training, supplying and capturing people who would or do kill numerous people inside the USA. Most of them they set up and capture before the crime for the publicity value justifying their organizational existence, power and prestige. Once in a while they wait until after the killings, but it is still for the same purpose.

As with the others, they have been working with the Boston bombers for a long time. In this case, several years. As with the Aurora shootings, Sandy Hook shootings, the Oklahoma City bombing, Beruit Marine barracks bombing, World Trade Center bombings (the first and the second), Dallas Book Depository shooting, and a number of others, they know incredibly soon exactly who dunnit; who they are looking for, have photos and an unbelievable amount of information about their fugitives. They are so dang good that one might think they had done their investigations before the crime even happened.

So we had a little show that hid the largest mine collapse in recent world history. But, killing multiple birds with one shot, the Boston smokescreen was much, much bigger.

They shut down the city. They imprisoned an entire town. They brought in armored cars, armored troops, machine guns, helicopters, drones and the entire might of the Emperor-In-Chief’s new domestic army to absolutely dazzle the The Bilderberg television watchers. All other programming was suspended as the easily distracted watched 24-7 coverage of breathless announcers standing in front of the world’s largest domestic terrorist organization’s enforcement arm.

Oh my gosh, they accomplished so much in such a short time.

Now we all know they can imprison an entire city without any due process, no crime, no victim, no to any of the Bill of Rights, no nothing that they don’t allow you.

Better still or at least icing on the cake, nobody saw the major hit to gold and silver availability.

Coming soon: time to rally behind a true flag


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson