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bye little brother; hello cousin

ada-liberty-ripGazing into my crystal ball I see the imminent demise of Ada Liberty .com. I built it to be a resource for liberty in Ada County, to highlight tyranny in this area and unite those who would resist it.

Since May 7, 2012, it has grown to what you see there with 500 regular visitors and up to 11,000 pages viewed a month. Not bad for a guy keeping seven domains alive.

But this guy is moving north – still within the Idaho Territory of 1860, but significantly disconnected from Ada County. We have found a beautiful place at the south end of the valley between the Bitterroot and Rocky mountain ranges, looking out the front window of a little cabin at the east fork of the Bitterroot River 20 yards away. I intend to shift some of my attention to appreciating that view.

Ah, but I’ll still keep Ted Dunlap .net alive as a personal blog. The Fixer .biz will still have my handyman tips, projects, ideas and such.

Idaho Liberty .com will continue to be my socio-economic soapbox for The Idaho Territory, but will have a close relative. I have created a new regional (and national/world) herald called the Bitterroot Bugle. A lot of identical or nearly identical posts will show up on both of those last two, but they will have differences.

Ada Liberty is scheduled to expire May 6th – that is, my domain registration and willingness to afford it. Also nearing its final days is Kuna Idaho .net, which is scheduled to expire in June. The Bitterroot Bugle will replace both of those for me with my local and regional commentary.

Feel free to join me. It is a nice area. Of course you could always just watch from afar via my surviving websites and other sources. Your call.