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big pharma’s new enemy: apples

I probably don’t have to remind anyone here that one of the two main reasons for the USA government war on drugs is to prevent inexpensive and easily produced cures or preventions from screwing up big pharma’s lucrative business.

I recently saw a video demonstrating the process for refining marajuana oil and its successful topical use to shrink and totally eliminate basil-cell skin cancers. Ya’ll probably know of many more examples.

The newest one I just found involves refined apple waste as a successful drug for killing colon cancer.

Uh oh. Look out apple lovers.

As treated by modern USA medicine, cancer is a seriously huge money machine. They don’t take threats to this program lightly. If they can’t kill the spread of this information, discredit it or legislate against the process, apples themselves will be the enemy.

Learn more about the report over at

Now might be a good time to plant a back yard apple tree or two.