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I just brought a bunch of my pages over from my old website Ada Liberty .com. I am leaving that one behind, but didn’t want to lose all of the work in those pages as much of it is quite relevant in the Bitterroot. I’ll clean the pages up over time, but you can enjoy them like they are as long as you can overlook an occasional Idaho or Ada County Idaho reference.

For your information, blogs like this one use the word “pages” to refer to one category of publications that is handled differently from the other category they call “posts”. My posts stack one on top of another from most recent on down to the oldest. The pages stay in the same order forever, in the case of how I built the Bitterroot Bugle, alphabetical order.

By using creative page names, I have set the Constitution, Bill of Rights and assaults thereto at the top of the page list in a semi-organized fashion.