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It is sad what kind of people are held up as heroes and marketed as role models nowadays. People who get paid to play games, those who role-play in front of movie cameras, race car drivers who go in circles only turning left, professional liars who get elected, banksters whose frauds exceed the imagination and so many more unrespectable people.

boudicca-imageIn Ada County, Idaho one woman decided to stand against the mightiest of the big-time fraudsters. So far they are ahead on the scoreboard, but the game isn’t over yet. Her team could use a few more players and a lot more fans, which is part of why I’m writing about it.hydra

First, the opponents: The Banksters. I’ve written on them many times. I won’t bog down doing it here, but plenty of links are available at Idaho Liberty .com. In a nutshell, for the fourth and thus-far final time in this country, they in 1913 again won the ability to print money out of thin air and loan it out to the people and the government. They keep the interest on this made-up money AND they get it paid “back” to them over time along with the interest. Nice work if you can get it .. and they did.

Within this circle of Banksters, there are the really big wheels and hundreds of smaller wheels. While the small inner-circle are too big to fail, that is they can dip in to the printing presses any time they wish more money, others are allowed to fail and be gobbled up by the insiders; the elite of the elite.

Countrywide was not inside, just nearby. It failed. Bank of America is inside. They backed up to their Federal Reserve door, loaded up a truck full of fresh billion-dollar-bills and bought Countrywide’s papers. On paper, BA appears to own hundreds of thousands more homes than it used to. Ah, but the entire mortgage and corporate paper maze is a festering, cancerous beast that almost defies belief when you lift up the blanket on the sick bed and look underneath.

In a free country, the elite don’t own all the dwellings while the serfs toil thanklessly for food and shelter. Turns out we have such a country if we want it.

Enter Tara.

Trying to get a new home for her large, extended family by conventional means wasn’t going well. They became obligated to leave their old one but the deal on the new one fell through. They ended up motel-ing it for an extended period of time.

The laws don’t overtly give our homes to the banksters, but our ignorance of the laws does it just as well. Tara did her homework. Tara studied up, documented, paid off delinquent taxes, moved her family in to, made significant improvements to, and gained lawful ownership of an ex-Countrywide home.

Part of the process involved serving notice to the county sheriff. When nobody in the Sheriff’s Office would touch the papers she tried to hand-deliver to the Sheriff as the law requires, she sent them via certified mail. Theoretically, lawfully, the Ada County Sheriffs office is now on her side. Oh, but the wrong guy won the election last November. This guy don’t need no stinking laws. He makes his own up.

This lousy imitation of a real sheriff decided that the guys with the thousand-dollar suits needed his help. As judge, jury and executioner, he sent his deputies to intimidate Tara and family out of their home. Four squad cars and deputies descended, bullied, trespassed and warrant-lessly threatened. She got two of their names and one of their phone numbers.

The head tadpole-squisher promised, “I will be back at 4 o’clock come hell or high water to arrest you, put you in jail and take all of the minor children to the state.”

This is regardless of the fact there are several other adult relatives living here perfectly qualified and responsible for the children. It is picture postcard, bullying threats. Again, perfectly ILLEGAL, yet the perpetrators got the guns, badges, radios and a near-monopoly on brute force.

By four o’clock, there were fifteen of us there to witness the execution. Apparently there are some things even more daunting that hell and high water… witnesses. The deputies did not show up. We waited for 45 minutes before Tara started calling.

She called Tadpole Squisher. No answer.

She called Dispatch. No record of anyone from their department ever coming to that address!!!

She called to demand a hearing with The Sheriff … our right, you know. One after another this hot-potato phone call was passed through three hands before arriving at the sheriff’s legal counsel who has forsworn allegiance to the USofA and sworn allegiance to the Bar. This non-citizen goes on the attack with a blizzard of fictional claims. He is somehow quite comfy wearing the clothes of judge and jury using their made-up rule book. Getting past this gate-keeper to the elected sheriff is as likely as reasoning with a rhinoceros.

Who can control a rogue sheriff? The rule book says the county coroner can or two adjacent county sheriffs. Not likely, but worth pursuing.

When a sheriff violates the law, he becomes subject to prosecution for those violations. Also not likely, but worth pursuing.

When elected officials prove unwilling or unable to do the job they were elected to do, the people have the right (and responsibility, I might add) to recall them; throw them out; replace them. This too is unlikely, but worth pursuing.

This is a mountain of crap to be dumped on top of anyone. Imagine a mom, a loving, intelligent, educated mom being threatened with state takeover of her children. Many of us have heard the nightmare horror-stories of trying to get children back from Child Protective Services. That one was a total, blatant, raw threat. Yet everyone there knew full well that this out-of-control police agency (definitely not law enforcement nor peace officers) was ready, willing and able to kidnap and imprison anyone they wanted just cuz they wanted to.

What do I do? If I give in now I might as well hold out my arm for The Tattoo… and my kids too. We are all heading for The Camps. Someone has to stand up. Someone has to say “No”.

The witnesses all stayed around. We wrote our affidavits. We continued to work as if the laws of the land mean something. We knew the JBTs wouldn’t return while we were there.

man_versus_tankTara stood up. She filed more papers. She took her pen, the one that is supposedly mightier than the sword, and went to battle FOR US… for herself, her family to be sure, but nobody takes on dragons of this proportion solely for themselves. Make no mistake, she is wielding that pen for you… having been stripped of the shield of actual laws, she looks mighty small on the field of battle waving her little ball-point at the king’s men, but I stand in awe of someone who would do it regardless of the odds.

The trashman occupying the sheriff’s office called a BA suit in Texas whose notarized signature appears on documents claiming that HE personally lives in the Ada County house in question. A law enforcement officer would be putting this dude up on fraud charges. He clearly is not occupying the house in Idaho simultaneously with his own house in Texas and sharing the Idaho space with Tara’s family. But our good buddy with the badge requests a complaint against Tara’s occupancy. He then sends goons to arrest Tara and her son who had the temerity to stand by his mom.

At this juncture, ask yourself “What was the point of handcuffing and hauling Tara and her son to jail? How was our society, our county served by cuffing, hauling, strip-searching, booking and imprisoning these to peaceful people? Is our community a better place now that their family spent a traumatic day learning the ins-and-outs of the Sheriff’s Office prison system – and the bail bonds market place?”

Now they have bail bonding service fees to add to their monthly bills and a court battle coming up on charges of illegal entry. This is because the occupant of the Sheriff’s Office DECIDED one of the two parties with papers claiming ownership of an Ada County home was right and the other was wrong. AND he chose to side with the Texan over that local family!

No need for you to worry now, however.

They aren’t coming for you today.

P.S. A word on family: While in modern parlance, friends are links on Facebook and family are people you visit on special occasions, wholesome families are together all year, year after year. I admire, respect and envy Tara’s family for being as close as they are. Few of us will ever begin to understand what the word “family” can really mean.