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I have been publishing under the Idaho Liberty .com banner for 13 years. I have hundreds of posts, pages and pictures representing I dare not think of how many hours of thought, research and expression. Walking away from this just because I am moving across some political border doesn’t set well with me.

So I’m moving the border.


My moving the border isn’t quite as whimsical as you might think. I’m not saying it isn’t whimsical, just not totally arbitrary.

1. The politics and corruption surrounding whatever the USofA’s internal war of 1861-1865 should be called, bring everything the official rulers did around that period into question. Among the questionable actions, they turned the Idaho and Dakota Territories into multiple states because so doing met some objectives that served them well.

tar-baby 2. The legal documents creating the new states quite probably were neither lawfully created nor executed. There is significant evidence of this, but I’m not going to bog down on that tar baby.

Maybe someday Idaho Liberty .com will touch on the two points above, but today I’m just announcing that, while I will be walking away from my websites Ada Liberty .com and Kuna Idaho .net, I am not leaving Idaho Liberty .com behind.

The main reason I chose Idaho when I decided to leave my lifetime in the People’s Republic of California behind is still valid. The spirit of personal responsibility and individual liberty is alive and well in a large percentage of the populace. Of course Idaho’s Treasure Valley also seemed to promise support for my custom farming business… an estimation that turned out to be correct. Now I no longer have that business nor the associated need. Thus I am open to expand my territory.

Montana, the greater Idaho Territory, also has that spirit and, I think, a higher percentage of stalwart, honorable people. Most importantly, it also has our best friends and, hopefully, many new ones.

I expect to continue publishing Idaho Liberty .com, and focus that site much as I always have on news, commentary and insight relevant to the Idaho Territory and its place in the world. My new local website is The Bitterroot Bugle .com which will focus on events with a smaller geographic and social footprint.

Go visit.