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My Fellow Americans, Patriots and Fighters,

After reading the article on our site, “Will You Fight”?, and the myriad of responses, I thought it may be worthwhile to point out a few considerations on what will become the most important question, and action Americans will be taking in the near future, which is:

“Will you fight?”

Let me first state, it seems to be a mathematical certainty at this point, that a civil war, or revolutionary is a forgone conclusion. Not because decent Americans insist on one, but because our wholly criminal, and no longer legitimate government is bent on making one occur.

When this subject is discussed, the typical response has been anything from “Jesus will save”, to “I will die fighting if necessary”.

Herein lies one of those commonly stated perspectives that I would like to try and get Patriots, Americans and other would be fighters to consider.

Instead of saying, “When they come for my guns, I will die fighting.”

Let us start saying: “When they come for my guns, they are going to get killed.”

This little shift in perspective is more than semantics, its sets a whole new psychological paradigm that will grow and expand in our thoughts and actions with time, and one that will help foster a sense of need and morality of our actions when that time comes.

As for actual fighting, allow me to put forth a few thoughts for consideration:

When the first physical confrontation happens, it will only be the beginning.

Even if we took the country back today, without a single shot, the fact is, the laws of economics will assert themselves, and their will be hard times ahead. It took decades to destroy our economic base, and you can be sure it will take a decade or more to restore it, and that would be in a “perfect world”

Problem: We will not take this country back in a single day, and this is not a perfect world.

Our necessity, as Patriots and Americans, is to stay alive and maintain a posture of Mission-Capable.

This means NOT getting ourselves killed, injured or wounded to the best of our abilities.

As Patton said, you don’t win by dying, you win by killing. Mission Effectiveness criteria dictate that you need to be alive and fully capable in order to be fully mission capable at any time.

This means you need to keep a low profile, retain your stocks & stores, do not do anything to draw attention to yourself, and quietly, seek out others who are of the same mindset.

We know what is coming, it is our job to hold fast, and let them make the first overt moves. Give them every chance to expose their weaknesses, allow them to feel overconfident, let them think they may win this easily.

Of course I have not yet addressed the whole point of, “what if they come to YOUR house and demand your guns?”

Well, this depends on what preparations you have made.

Did you hide them beforehand? Are they right there in your safe room or bedroom? Is this happening across the country or your state? Has civility already broken down? Do you have children who depend on you? What about a wife? Do you have the advantage at that moment?

In short, there is no right answer for any given individual.

As I have discussed before here, and on Henry’s show, you need to decide your “threshold moment” NOW, before that trigger event (or a similar one) has materialized.

This “Threshold Event”, MUST be carefully considered, as you are going to make it your “automatic response” event, which will also be your “all-in” event, so let me annotate just a few considerations:

1) The moment you decide to fight back, you now have a completely different attitude towards life, this government, and the role it now serves (you now understand this government is completely criminal and will not put up with it anymore).

2) The moment you decide to point a firearm,… or ANY weapon at ANY representative of this government, you have gone, “all-in” & they now view YOU as the criminal! (How dare you to even THINK of fighting back!)

3) Now that you have openly displayed a notion of self defense, and an unwillingness to accept any further destitutions or abuses, you have placed these government thugs in response mode.

4) This criminal government will see it as its MANDATE to eliminate any persons or signs of resistance.

5) Once you have crossed that Threshold-Moment, and point any weapon at any government agent, they will see it as there job to exterminate you (in the most brutal fashion possible), or to arrest you and make a circus out of it. Either act, will be done with the intention to intimidate all others.

6) They will try to kill you, or try to imprison you for life while taking full advantage of its propaganda value, in addition, they may destroy your home, blowing it up, or burning it, or may simply “seize” it, as that is one of their ultimate objectives anyway.

That is a just a few considerations.

The reality is, once this starts, it will be protracted process, it may drag on for months, even years, so do not be anxious to join the fray to quickly, there will be time for that. Apply critical thinking skills to analyze the situation as best as conditions permit, always.

Am I saying to NOT fight?

No, absolutely not, just that it should not a knee-jerk type reaction.

There will be long term consequences to any set events however they unfold, and our goal is to maintain a mission ready capability as long as possible, to retain our home and productive means as best as possible, and to understand this will be a protracted process.

In the end, it may come to down to an instant sh*t fight, with little to no time to think anything over, hence why it is best to know your line of demarcation now, and what is your potential “all-in” scenarios, as we may all be facing that very soon indeed.

Get ready, talk this over with your loved ones, friends, and neighbors you can trust. We will all be needing each other more than ever very soon.

Good luck to each and every one of you Patriots and true Americans.

Your Fellow Patriot – JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny