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of these united states

constitutionpage1001_bigThe early Constitution was always spelled thus with only two capitalized words (only two proper nouns):
the Constitution of these united states of America.

The significance and importance of this is that the states retained primacy and the Constitution united them only within the limited powers defined therein.

Also important, they made the words “We the people” absolutely HUGE in proportion to the words defining the strictly limited government that the people were establishing therein. They did what they could to tell one and all exactly who was in charge and what organization was subordinate to the people.

Early on, the centralist, statist usurpers realized they could not control a diffuse government, so they made a significant, but subtle change to the phrasing. “THE United States of America” became a single, organization that was much easier to take over.

Crafty devils also got us chanting “…one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE….” on a very regular basis from when we were so young the words had no meaning to us, on until death do us part. There was nothing indivisible in the original agreement of the thirteen independent states. None of them were that foolish. The pledge, authored by avowed Socialist Francis Bellamy, really is not a patriotic thing. Sadly, nearly all patriot groups start meetings with it.

If our united states do not retain their autonomy, there is no state sovereignty to help check federal overreach.