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naval academy shooting

Slick Willy, that paragon of virtue, made it illegal for our military men and women to have firearms where they lived and worked. This was to … uh … I dunno what problem it was solving, but fershur: when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani And so it goes on military installation after military installation. Gun free zones are FREE FIRE zones for whacked-out haters of our military personel … much like our schools since the DC Swamp banned guns there in 1990. Again, NO problem was solved, but very clearly one was created. So the latest manifestation of those sins was at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by a man whose ethnic origins, and even […]

A great weekend for a False Flag

This weekend, December 7-8, is a ripe one for a major false flag event to dominate the news. The Deep State desperately needs something huge to cover the devastating effects of the December 9th Inspector General Report release. The skullduggery involved in attempting to take down the Trump team will be laid bare, naming names, dates and actions that will not just shock the slumbering public, but also lead to criminal charges against big name perps. That will be almost impossible for lamestream media to hide… unless something big … REALLY BIG … I mean REALLY, REALLY BIG can dominate the news. These folks have a proven track record of being able to do exactly that. In my November 27th […]

impeachment scam laid bare

The following is an insightful, delightful, amusing and accurate assesment of the Democratic House impeachment kabuki theater.  I couldn’t help but smile at the images the author created for me. It assumes a working knowledge of the reality behind the impeachment scam, but you are here, so you have that. – Ted – The Dems’ Lose-Lose Situation By William L. Gensert Having forced the nation to endure weeks of himself pretending to be god and trumpeting hearsay testimony as “revelatory,” Adam Schiff has retired to his candlelit study to write in his own carefully drawn blood his “Impeachment Report.”  From there it goes to Nadler, who will concur.  After that, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a decision to make […]

mathematical proof that you need a gun

The pro- anti- gun argument is almost always proffered on an emotional level. Logic is not applied nor are logical arguments welcome by the disarmament fans. A man earning his livelihood in a math-dependent line of work decided to apply science to the argument between owning and not owning firearms. The results are interesting. He does not appear to be a “gun guy” or in any way enamored of the tools. It seems to me that he was intrigued by the arguments for and against and decided to apply logical mathematical tools to the question. One of the best bits in the article is this regarding the most reasonable disaster to prepare for: “… the best one to prepare for, […]

choosing to be spied upon … or not

I am accustomed to those who would rather not entertain thoughts about Big Brother spying on their every action. Nobody WANTS TO think about their every move being watched, recorded, twisted, perverted and accumulated to be used in their destruction by bad actors. Today I share a news story about people who are SURPRISED TO LEARN that their smart device is recording and re-transmitting their every word. How does that work? Is their denial is so strong the very idea is cast out of their brains every time they are confronted with it? I suppose it is possible to have news sources that never mention those possibliities, but you would also have to avoid thinking. Now who is in denial, […]

*NEW* 1958 Conn 6H trombone

Based on wonderful reviews, I connected up with the Slide Doctor in Dawsonville Georgia, received their custom slide shipping packaging, sent it back with my old slide, and a couple days ago received back a trombone slide that is as close to perfect as I have ever touched… and they advise it will get better after a brief break-in period. WOW! I had worked it over with brass cleaning chemicals, abrasives, tools, and hand-straightening … I was hot stuff and got it about as good as it gets … so I thought. Recently I started wondering if the comparative smoothness of my 13-year-old Conn 88 slide might be a significant reason I play it almost all the time and the […]

language barrier in movies

In discussing our viewing theDen of Thieves DVD, we agree it was a B-movie, at most. Moreover, the writers and producers were unable to assemble more than a sentence or two without the inappropriate, undescriptive, sub-grammar F word. As I mentioned earlier this month in The Wisdom of Daffy Duck: I am primarily referring to his superior vocabulary and wit when compared to moderns who have replaced every adverb, adjective and oftentimes other English language fundamentals with a single word that carries no information or meaning in their application thereof. Daffy’s exclamations were colorful. Such as Sufferin’ Succotash. Who in his audience even knew succotash as a corn and bean dish? We didn’t, but we full well understood his exasperation […]

repatriating gold

More and more big players are hedging their financial security against the looming collapse of the USofA Dollar-based economic world. BRICS, the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, South African economic partnership began working twenty years ago to reduce dollar dependence in international trade. Several times that many countries are beginning to displace fiat dollars with solid currency, primarily gold and silver. If you haven’t begun, you should … real soon. – Ted – Poland Brings Gold Home Poland has repatriated 100 tons of gold from England. National Bank of Poland Governor Adam Glapiński announced the yellow metal’s return home on Monday. “The gold symbolizes the strength of the country,” Glapiński told reporters. He noted that the country could generate multi-million […]

modern slang definition: The Boogaloo

I have seen this word and understood it by context. Here is an entire article devoted to explaining the origin of the term and its modern useage. Not earthshaking, but interesting. – Ted –     The Boogaloo: Extremists’ New Slang Term for A Coming Civil War It’s not often an old joke evolves into a catchphrase for mass violence, but that’s just what’s happened this past year when a variety of extremist and fringe movements and subcultures adopted the word “boogaloo” as shorthand for a future civil war.  From militia groups to white supremacists, extremists on a range of online platforms talk about—and sometimes even anticipate—the “boogaloo.” The rise of “boogaloo,” and its casual acceptance of future mass violence, […]

advanced coup discussion

I ran across an excellent article at AMERICAN THINKER, but it assumes the readers know what is going on. It would take pages of footnotes and links to support and explain the numerous references. HOWEVER, if you have been paying attention, this is an outstanding summary of the corner the Dumbocrats have backed themselves into. We watched Pelosi try to diffuse the disaster, but the rookies, The Gang and others slightly less moxie were on a tear. She was riding a tiger. It is blowing up in the faces of the attackers. I’m loving the show… at last. – Ted –   Democrats Ponder Impeachment Pivot By Fletch Daniels The Democrats have twisted themselves into a Schiffian Knot, a modern-day […]

amphitheater in the swamp

It all seems whacked out beyond belief, but there is a perverted logic to that machinations of the swamp creatures. They are fighting for survival with the only weapons they are capable of operating: lies. We struggle to make sense of it … vainly … C’mon, it cannot make sense. It is totally make believe, and complete fiction. That is all coming out right before our eyes. The article below on the Ukraine crime scene is representative. – Ted – Ukrainian Mysteries One of the puzzles to the impeachment stuff is why certain elements of the ruling class think this is a productive use of their time. The impeachment show put on by the Democrats last week struck most people […]

canine stress management techniques

I have been ‘a dog guy’ my entire life. They and I understand each other. Some call it “Being able to speak Dog”. As with human-to-human interaction that actually means more listening than speaking. Thus, when the article below arrived in my e-mail, I recognize its truths. Dogs fully live in the moment without fretting over past or future. Most excell at relaxation, but apply extreme vigor to their exercise periods. This applies far more to confident dogs, who are usually larger than average. Those are the ones I am attracted to. Among the top dogs in my history for that was Opie, my 125-pound Newfoundland runt who is responsible for my interest in Mastiff relatives. Beagle Brain, our […]

information vs intelligence

Once again Samuel Culper lays it out in simple terms. How can we take any intelligent action, with any hope of success, if we do not have a decent picture of what is going on? The video here is just one sample of what he is trying to teach us… and what we MUST learn.


I almost let today slide by as merely another one out of 365. Then I received a nice, thoughtful, philosophical e-mail entitled “Thankfulness”. Yeah. That concept should not be missed. He says it better than I, so take it away Elias… Love’s Thought System Thankfulness A Special Note From Elias As Thanksgiving approaches, I have been reflecting on many things in my life for which I am grateful. Being grateful is a blessing which uplifts the soul naturally, and leads the soul to a true realization of thankfulness. I am both grateful and thankful for a wonderful life on this earth, a life filled with colorful adventures,  creative endeavors, occupational shifts, inspiring milestones along life’s highway, and Friends like you […]