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AN OPPORTUNITY AND A WARNING. THE CHOICE IS YOURS. From Russel “Texas” Bentley To My Family and Friends, and All Good People of the USA, You may not know it yet, but the world changed on March 1st, 2018, an old era was ended, and a new era begun. In very great part, the meaning of this new era is up to you. On that historic day, Vladimir Putin revealed to the world that the US military is now obsolete, and no longer capable of “projecting power”, committing war crimes, or intimidating and destroying smaller nations around the world. That day has ended forever, one way or another. The US military is still completely capable of the mission it needs […]

sunset on the empire

I refer to the 1700’s boast that “The sun never sets on the British empire”. Today the U.S. military “is in 130 countries. We have 900 bases around the world” — Ron Paul, 2011. What students of history know that others seem not to is that empires end. Their enemy is not external, but internal. Hubris Hubris describes a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride or dangerous overconfidence, often in combination with arrogance The Russians announced their fully-deployed advanced weapon systems recently. The entire USofA military-industrial-complex is operating a generation behind. Either the NSA, CIA and others charged with knowing this were too busy spying on us, or the political class in The Swamp continually chooses to ignore reality. […]

either trade crosses borders or armies do

Ignorance of economics and human action is not a sin, but wielding power from a position of ignorance is. A couple generations ago the steel industry convinced the District of Criminals to erect tariffs on imported steel with completely predictable results. 1) People in the USofA paid more for steel. 2) Manufacturing of steel products cost more. 3) Imported goods made with foreign steel became more competitive. 4) Protected steel producers did not upgrade their equipment. 5) Steel producers in other countries did modernize; become more efficient. The misguided protectionist tariffs have numerous other problems, as do the currency wars along with other foolishness making all of us poorer and creating international friction. Now, a Trade War — Is a […]

walk softly and carry a big stick

That phrase favored by Teddy Roosevelt comes to my mind when considering the position of Russia today. They have, according to multiple sources, constructed the next generation of nuclear weapons. The USofA as self-appointed world policeman (world bully is probably more apt) is now outgunned. If “our” military-industrial hawks choose to launch WWIII, they will lose. Of course rational people realize we all will lose. Paul Craig Roberts published a good little essay on this: Putin’s State of the Union … Putin, however, declared that Russia has no territorial ambitions, no hegemonic ambitions, and no intention to attack any other country. Putin described the weapons as the necessary response to the West’s firm refusal year after year to accept peace […]

war options in Syria

I am going to turn you over to The Saker who provides a GREAT analysis of where the war against Syria stands, and what options the opposing sides are facing. First, however, I want to lay some groundwork that I think is assumed in the article and video. Most significantly is Turkey’s role as the hosting country to NATO forces in the region. Without the well-known bases shown on this map of Turkey, USofA military presence in the region would be hugely reduced, perhaps completely marginalized. It is quite apparent why Turkey was drug into the North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization: projection of power into North Africa, Eastern Med, the Black Sea, not to mention a great hopping point to Asia. […]

bombing Hawaii

I have been waiting with great interest for plausable stories regarding the missile warning issued to Hawaiians. For 32 minutes cell phones, televisions, Internet, highway message boards and other available media warned them to “Take cover incoming missile”. We are supposed to believe the official story that someone slipped on a banna peal and bumped the button triggering this message as they attempted to break their fall… or something as lame as that. For no particularly good reason, I am reminded of a book I read 30 years ago, The Day We Bombed Utah. Needless to say, as long as they are not present, any people and any place are expendable to the ruling elite. What did NOT happen in […]

poking the bear

from Paul Craig Roberts Another Step Toward Armageddon “…It is reckless and irresponsible for Washington to make such a decision in the wake of years of aggressive actions taken against Russia. The Clinton criminal regime broke Washington’s promise that NATO would not move one inch to the East. The George W. Bush criminal regime pulled out of the ABM Treaty and changed US war doctrine to elevate the use of nuclear weapons from retaliation to first strike. The Obama criminal regime launched a frontal propaganda attack on Russia with crazed Hillary’s denunciation of President Putin as “the new Hitler.” In an effort to evict Russia from its naval base in Crimea, the criminal Obama regime overthrew the Ukrainian government during […]

Despite Setbacks, Liberty Will Prevail in 2018

from The Campaign For Liberty by Ron Paul January 02, 2018 Happy New Year! We always approach a new year with anticipation, hope, and also some worries. Last year was one of the strangest political years I have seen in some time. A new Republican president spent his first year pursuing more or less the same foreign policy as his Democratic predecessor and the Democratic Party spent the year looking under every rock in the US for a “Russian connection” or any other reason to see him impeached over it. The neocon-dominated foreign policy establishment on both the Left and Right were so furious that candidate Trump dared suggest we could get along with our “enemies” overseas that they jumped […]

WAR turns sweet 16

It has been 16 years since their staged events of Sept 11, 2001 provided cover for The War Party to openly assault North Africa and The Mediterranean. This is what life has been like for the Arabs who lived in the wrong place at the wrong time. Imagine, if you will, that your home, your family, your neighbors and every little thing you worked for is now that pile of rubble. The Americans did this, they are told. Not incorrectly, mind you. Each of us who allowed the ruling class Ds and Rs to run rampant with their war machine DID DO THIS. Let this be the year Joe Sixpack withdraws his support. […]