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democracy – the worst form of government

Two hundred fifty years ago, people read, studied, discussed lessons history taught from around the world. When people of the North American colonies beat the most powerful military in the world, they had numerous choices for their new government. The same information is available to us today, if we choose to seek it out. I will summarize here, but feel free to pursue further study on your own. Monarchy – A single king or queen rules everything and everywhere. They deputize subordinates who have ultimate power over everything and everywhere as long as the top ruler allows it. Were a monarch to rule badly his kingdom would decline into ruin, be taken over by a superior, better ruled kingdom or […]

supermen walking from Honduras to Texas

* From Honduras to the Texas border is 2,300 miles. – similar to walking from New York City to El Paso Texas. * The average adult can walk at about 3-4 miles per hour. – 8 hours per day, every day, takes about 72 days. – add children, could stretch to 100 or more days. * 8 hours every day for 72 days straight – no soreness, tiredness? * 85-90 degrees in the hot sun, what about when it rains? Clothing, food, water, rain gear, sunscreen, sleeping bags, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons – for 3,000 to 10,000 people??? * The NY Times reported that the march began in San Pero Sula on October 12 – nine days later they […]

declass pending … pending … pending … SOON?

The 3-D, 4-D, 5-D chessgame going on in The Swamp makes those of us who get pumped up by the pending takedown very impatient and eventually frustrated. It still seems possible, perhaps likely. Greg Hunter with Dave Janda as his guest covered the back story a while ago. It still has not come to fruition, but does give reason for continued hopefuleness. Recent news stories indicate that SHOWTIME may be approaching. It is worth continued hopefuleness, but delay after delay recommends against opening the champagne. It might go flat as delays continue to crop up. If you go 50 minutes in the video below is a bombshell. We the people dodged an atomic bomb. […]

Burning Christianity to the ground

A week ago I published a compilation of stories about the supreme oddities surrounding the Notre Dame fire. Notre Dame fire anomolies A couple of articles appeared since then that relate and are worth your time. The media and politicians are scratching and clawing to make this be something other than what it quite obviously was and is. Consider this a credibility test. If they are lying about this, truth is a stranger to them. You should be a stranger to them as well. Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France—and Officials Don’t Know Why (Editor note: Officials Don’t Know Why??? Well, this is Newsweek. Their ignorance is well known.) France has seen a spate of attacks against Catholic churches […]

low down two flushers

A four flush is a poker hand that is one card short of being a full flush. Four flushing refers to empty boasting or unsuccessful bluffing, and a four flusher is a person who makes empty boasts or bluffs when holding a four flush. Also a lowly, disreputable cheat or fraudster, especially at cards, especially a dull or unimaginative one. Four-score years ago toilets in the USofA were designed by engineers and manufacturers who made them to work efficiently, thus creating a reputation for superior products and thriving in the free market of plumbing supplies. Along came congresscritters of ill repute who happily allowed mega-businessess to suck semi-arid regions dry in order to sell trainloads of water in plastic bottles, […]

Commiefornia warning label

I peeled another stupid, useless warning sticker off tonight. Aaauuugh! Such unnecessary annoyances. As I wrote last week in sticker removal, if you are not an idiot you don’t need them. If you are an idiot, you cannot read them. The 800-pound gorilla of insanity is the most populous state of the union. I escaped 19 years ago before lobotomies were required as a term of residency. Though I have long-term friends as well as family still in residence, they all fit right in. Said another way, they won’t fit in a rational society. Individual recoveries are not impossible, but their trajectories do not bode well for such a turn. For my money, CLOSE THE BORDER. Give it back […]

Congress adds insult to injury

. The unconstitutional tax on productivity created to pay the interest on money the Federal Reserve prints out of thin air should be bad enough. But NOOooooo, Congress is now working on preventing the IRS from enabling taxpayers to personally process the paperwork and money transfer via the Internet. We wouldn’t want the little people funding this scam to have a bit of convenience and relief. Pretty obvious who the congresscritters work for… whoever will pay them little bonuses above and beyond the generous salary they are given. H&R Block and Turbo Tax will charge each taxpayer a bit more to cover what they send to the best politicians money can buy. Thus we pay extra to lobby for paying […]

crusty old brains

With few exceptions, muffler bearing wrenches and lumber stretchers come to mind, tools have both suitable and unsuitable applications. As one saying goes, “If your only tool is a hammer, every job looks like a nail”. The converse of that is even more common where the wrench or whatever else is at hand becomes the hammer you need at the moment. The typical seventy-year-old brain is like that, another tool with good and poor uses. While there are significant variations, the old guys have seen a lot of successes and failures, learning from most of them what works in the long run contrasted with what definitely does not. On the other hand, our minds and bodies are more brittle. That […]

This time will be different

It gets to be incredibly tedious conversing with socio-political illiterates. Their fantasies have been repeatedly disproven, yet they cling to them with a passion bordering on fanatacism. Of course it doesn’t help that lamestream media is pumping their perverted view into these malleable brains 24/7. Below is a look into Venezuela’s collapse and the socio-political causes thereof. That all ignores the money, which is likely the dominant factor. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world today. A hundred countries could be important, but for UNKNOWN reasons it is Venezuela’s turn. Socialism’s Endless Refrain: This Time, Things Will Be Different written by Kristian Niemietz Germany’s socialist left is currently embroiled in a row over the correct stance on Venezuela. […]

The Z Man

A chance encounter yesterday in meatspace* led me to rediscover the Western Rifle Shooters website and writings of The Z Man therein. I left because their daily postings gave links without enough information for me to decide if they were worth looking into. Too many were not, so I walked away. (* meatspace is where people meet face-to-face, contrasted with meta-space and cyberspace where human contact does not take place.) Upon my return yesterday, I made a comment to that effect on one of the posts I read there and added Western Rifle Shooters back to my newsfeed for now. Whether it remains there or not, I will make the effort to follow The Z Man’s writings. They also led […]

WAR – the USofA business is world-wide

The Ron Paul Liberty Report began where the long-running Congressman and two-time permier presidential candidate’s political career ended. He quit attempting to be politically correct and began a new career of telling it as it is. Go regularly to his new forum to see what that means. The Ron Paul Liberty Report As We Marched… 3/29/2019     By Liberty Report Staff In 1944, one of America’s finest journalists, named John T. Flynn, published a book entitled “As We Go Marching.” (You can download a free e-book here.) Keep in mind that the book was published during World War II. Flynn could see the writing on the wall. A massive ‘Pentagon’ was recently built, and he could tell that a […]

constitutional sheriff

Elizabeth Hodge interviewed me when I was running for Ada County sheriff. I just tripped over it today. The interview explains the concept as well as I have seen it done. It is still valid, and incredibly valuable to those USofA counties who have elected constitutional sheriffs. Coming out of nowhere with no significant support, I shocked the 20-year incumbent by garnering 40,943 votes. The incumbent was startled. He had not been in any contest that close, and sure as heck didn’t expect it from my campaign. Unfortunately, it was only 26% of the votes. I suspect $10,000 in campaign finances could have won it for us. I’m happy nobody did that to me. I like where I am. […]

gun control pushback

REBELLION: Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and STATES Spring Up Across the Country By Dagny Taggart Sanctuary cities aren’t just for immigrants anymore. A growing number of states, counties, cities, and towns are declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” and are refusing to enforce gun-control laws that infringe on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. While adopting ordinances and resolutions to defy gun laws isn’t a new tactic, momentum is rapidly building – likely in response to increasing calls for more gun control at state and federal levels. Sheriffs in several states say they will NOT enforce gun control laws. Sanctuary counties and towns are passing resolutions that state no funding will be used to enforce unconstitutional laws […]

North Carolina county declares itself a gun sanctuary

One down, 3,141 to go. If your county is anything other than Cherokee County, North Carolina you need to contact your county rulers to explain local control and the original separation of powers defined by The Constitution of These United States. I promise to do my fair share. Will you? from the American Thinker By Rick Moran The Board of Commissioners in Cherokee County in North Carolina has passed a resolution — largely symbolic — declaring the county a “gun sanctuary.” The gist of the resolution: Furthermore, any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms or affiliated firearm rights that violates the Second, Ninth, Tenth, or Fourteenth amendments to the US Constitution, that violates Article I, Sections 5, […]