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Global Skywatch

race to the bottom

Media monopolies, politicians, the education industrial complex and just about anything money can buy is pushing insanity and cultural suicide on us in machine-gun full-auto mode. We are surrounded, which means we can acquire a target in any direction, but there are hundreds more popping up faster than rational responses can counteract them. That is the plan and the method. Without a dramatic change in trajectory, it has to break. Collapse economically, culturally, geopolitically and on other fronts will happen. Wise men prepare accordingly. Today’s American Thinker has the following stories: College courses illustrate the devolution of Western civilization … University of California Berkeley, with tuition of $43,000 a year… young scholars can now choose classes such as “How to […]

Beto bomb graphics

My post of September 15th was about this dope who thinks he belongs on the world stage running on gun confiscation as a core program of the future workers paradise. When he tells his audience of socialists who are completely ignorant of the repeated and complete failures of that political system, they cheer. The simpleton loves that cheering stuff. He is even selling T-shirts to the adoring dim-bulbs. I am not the only one noticing that Beto’s blunt confession of the end game is hurting the Democrat party. Go back to the Beto Bomb post to see the video clip where his flock cheers him on with his confiscation talk. […]

Beto bomb

I do not expect him to last in this campaign, but he was stupid enough to say out loud what the rest of the clowns are thinking. Even if I had a television, I would not be watching any of the Democratic Party circus. I understand it perfectly well from what I read. Of course they want us disarmed and compliant. How to get from here to there is the only part they are willing to debate. In this video we get clips of the guy who ran from the scene of his drunk driving accident where he ran over two children. Another above-the-law priveleged ruler. Yeah. That’s what we need. […]

this is their best shot???

We are well along in the Democratic Party selection process with four front runners, according to lamestream media. Holey Smokes! These are the best in the nation??? Heck, we could find better in my town of Darby, Montana (population 720). You would have to work at it to find worse than what the Democrats are shoving in our face. To read the latest pollsters poop sheets, Creepy Joe Biden is out in front. C’mon, the population of pedophiles willing to vote for Joe, even if they were all in one county would not get him elected Dog Catcher. The Libertarian or Green Party candidates would surely trounce him in national polling were there no Republican in the race. If […]

that other 9-11

Titular President Ohbummer was running for re-election. His handlers developed a sure-fire plan to make him appear statesmanly and clever right before election day. It was not overly complicated like That Other 9-11, but could help a weak man appear to be strong. They offered the towel-ey-ban an armory full of guns, grenades, rockets and other fun toys from the Benghazi embassy armory in exchange for a scheduled slam-dunk kidnapping of the Ambassador. They get to keep the armory contents, but have to return Ambassador Stevens as soon as OhBummer asks real nicely on the world stage. Don’t worry, we will make sure there aren’t any defenders present. Walk in, grab the ambassador, collect all your prizes, drive away […]

Detroit leads the way

Somehow this poor city keeps itself near the top of many lists. Most progressive, most murders, most poverty, most crime, most Democrats, most migrants … lots of cool stuff, depending on your values. While that statement might strike us as ridiculous, there are obviously people who put up with all of it. Current estimates say 673,104 of ’em, with only a handful living in the comfortable top. – Ted – “In the 1950’s [America was] the richest nation, the richest city on earth was Detroit. They voted for change and so now it is the poorest city in America. At the same time, the nation of South Korea, of all the nations on earth, was third from the bottom. […]

uninformed VS ill informed

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed. ― Mark Twain William Randolph Hearst built his empire selling misinformation. The only thing that has changed since then has been the technology. The predominance of propoganda over truth remains the same. The rich and powerful use whatever tools they can to retain and enhance their positions. We are at the most amazing time in history where the truth is available to those who seek it, and who work to separate wheat from chaff. You are here. You are among the seekers. – Ted   This Week from the Ministry of Disinformation By Taylor Day Dave Chappelle hurts the Left’s feelings The entertainment sections of […]

draining the swamp a teaspoon at a time

May of us observe that the presstitutes, puppets, pedophiles and psychopaths who occupy the podiums propped up by the sheep are still spewing their destructive mantra. While the flock merrily destroys what little is left of a coherent and productive society. The paint on their Mad Max bus has a few new nicks on it, but the trajectory seems little altered. We ask “When does this promised takedown occur?” So does Peggy Ryan in the article from The American Thinker. – Ted – The Deep State Will Face Justice Soon! Right? By Peggy Ryan “The check’s in the mail” is a promise that payment’s been sent even if it hasn’t.  It’s a stalling tactic to avoid pressure from creditors, from those […]

Gun control … again.

I cannot share this good article without pointing out that the “mass shootings” inspiring the “gun control” conversation are almost ALL completely staged events with complicit politicians and presstitutes. I have gone to more than a little effort to document them. Scroll down The Bitterroot Bugle’s right hand column to “False Flags” and “Admitted False Flags”. I did not make this stuff up. The evidence is SOLID. However, PRETENDING that these shootings took place, the arguments fall apart ANYWAY. – Ted In Calls for More Gun Control, Facts Refute Media & Anti-Gunners Ammoland Inc.Posted on August 6, 2019 by Dave Workman Millions of law-abiding citizens own semi-auto rifles, and they harmed nobody over the past weekend. (Dave Workman photo) U.S.A. […]

suicide watch

I share with you a couple of cartoons possibly relevant to the Epstein situation. I’m inclined to be skeptical that there was a suicide at all, and even suspicious that Jerry E. is in protective custody somewhere. Yesterday in my Epstein death article I published a few of the known facts casting doubt the official narrative (to say the least). These cartoons capture one of the possible alternatives to the official story of his suicide. .

shooting down the shootings narrative

I am not bothering to follow the threads this time. The Pedogate / Epstein takedown dominated the news. The media presstitutes had a hard time NOT covering the depravity and takedown of their heroes. Then a couple of shootings, average by Chicago standards, took over the media. Scripts were adjusted to fit politically expedient requirements. A lot of researchers and investigative reporters find and publish anomolies that dramatically separate the lamestream media reports from what apparently took place. Again – I am not chasing that down at this time. On the other hand, pretending or assuming that the shootings took place kind-of as reported, the modification of the facts to suit the agenda is blatant. Here is Lisa Haven on […]

great skies

Belay that! Bitterroot sky from my front yard 4/27/16 I waited A LONG TIME to believe the chemtrails had actually stopped. Then I post my elation … tempered with suspicion they might not have really stopped. Up goes my post. Six hours later, up go the chemtrails. Aaauuugh!!! Cancel the first timid steps of my happy dance. – – – – —————————————- Here is the post that apparently brought the chemtrails back to Big Sky Country: I have been yammering about the milky, streaked, nano-particle-polluted skies for years. My first of 76 posts under the Bitterroot Bugle category geoengineering was a lead-in to a really solid video proof of the process: natural news TV By Ted Dunlap, on January 30th, […]

Gilroy gun free zone

Wait! It turns out that a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival was not possible. The Gilroy Government Geniuses defined that possiblity away with the stroke of their pens. … Either that or they guaranteed the law abiding would be defenseless.

vaxxer logic

The dog trainer welcomes all breeds, sizes and shapes as long as your bring their up-to-date vaccination record to the first meeting. The government schools welcome all children segregated by age group as long as your bring their up-to-date vaccination record to the first meeting. The half-wit politicians and government bureaucrats continually dabble with excluding a wide segment of the population from being seen in public for failing to receive their Big Pharma injections. If their vaunted vaccines work, why do they worry about us? If they don’t work, why do they insist we get them too? The pushers listed above repeat some ridiculous phrases like “herd immunity” and so on. There has to be something really weird in […]