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culture wars – where we are today

The setup to have us fighting each other is getting stronger, deeper and more profound in a hurry. Those who are setting it up figure to have the front-line people, the activists and defenders thin their numbers out to a managable few, leaving nothing but the flock for them to manage. It is good to pay attention to their progress. The article below from the American Thinker is an excellent snapshot. They are, by the way, a good source of information. Follow the link and see for yourself. – Ted   The Left’s Demonization of Conservatives Becomes Dangerous By Jeffrey T. Brown There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil.  We have gradually devolved […]

the teflon couple gets sticky

From 1979-1981, Slick Willy was governor of Arkansas – then the youngest governor in the USofA. This is emblematic of the power his controllers yielded, as is the nickname many gave him. No wrong doing or scandals ever stuck to him while relative trivialities took down greater men before and after his rein. A man of little accomplishment but a master liar and immoral servant was placed in a position to protect the drug runners operating through the Inter-mountain Regional Airport in Mena, Arkansas. He served his masters well, thus was protected and promoted to POTUS. While there, The Teflon Couple was caught with Hitlary using an office in The White House to work against political enemies using IRS, CIA, […]

bottom feeder boycott

The dunderheads are at war with civilization. We put up with the Clintons, Bushes 1 and 2, LBJ, even the gay Kenyan, but they cannot stand another moment with Trump as president. Heck, he is not close to the worst half dozen in my lifetime; perhaps among the better ones. But FERSHUR nothing about him warrants well over 1,000 days of full-time assault by the vocal, otherwise-unemployed, vapid radicals, the presstitutes and the handlers of them all. Nevertheless, he poses some kind of astronomical threat to the previous long-running ruling elite. I don’t see it. He seems to do much as they did outwardly. More wars. More taxes. More jackbooted thugs. It sure is hard from the cheap seats to […]

too big to jail … ending???

Open Source Intelligence has a good article covering the realities surrounding the arrest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. His connections with the high and mighty protected him … they thought FOREVER … but The Donald Trump Team threw a wrench in the gears of their invincible machine. I do not believe The Donald created or operates this machine. He is clearly the face, the public persona, the front man of it, but this administration is deeper, stronger and took much longer to develop than any one man or small group could have done. That the Epstein arrest is all over lamestream media means A LOT. His protective shield is breaking down. There are an incredible number of ruling elites hiding behind […]

woke in charge

I hate that word. The ignoramuses parroting it are grammatical idiots. “Awakened” is what they would say if they knew the English language. Nevertheless, this non-word shows up on the Internet frequently. Wallowing past that, I did trip over a nice video snapshot of where we are today politically and culturally. Give it a look.

reverse polarity

One would think the ideal candidate for POTUS would attract the most votes. That is not the pattern we have experienced. Something like 46% of those eligible actually vote in an election. The vast majority of those are quite predictable and sadly controllable. They self-define as Republican or Democrat. Though many claim to “vote for the person, not the party”, they rarely vote anything other. What keeps them from straying is reverse polarity. Magnetic polarity has the north attracting the south; the positive attracting the negative. Reverse polarity is when you push north to north or south to south and the magnets repel each other. It is a contest among the slightly less ugly of the two. One does not […]

USofA bull in the China closet

A lot of China and a lot of bull are involved, but these two major global powers are doing a deadly dance that will serve none of us well. Not paying attention to the potential impact on YOUR LIFE from games the elite echelon are playing is deliberate ignorance… and unhealthy for long term survival. Of course pretending you can have an impact on the trajectory is equally foolish. They are going to do what they are going to do with or without your permission. A former Massachusetts congressman is perhaps most famous today for saying “all politics is local” (or, perhaps, “all politics are local”; I’ve seen it written both ways). Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of the saying: The […]

good Kiwis vs bad Kiwis

Whether it was a staged event rather than real has been debated on the Internet, but the Christchirch shooting event was all the excuse ruling elites needed to pass draconian gun bans and an incredibly expensive program they call “gun buyback”. As one commentator notes, the government never owned the affected guns, thus cannot buy them back. Worse than the semantic failure is the program’s realities. The politicians rushed their anti-gun legislation through in a few days – thereby avoiding organized resistance. It was unsurprisingly already written up when the ‘trigger event’ took place, though the legislators don’t mention that part. Millions of guns costing a thousand dollars each were instantly disallowed with gun owners offered $350 for each during […]

Poly Sci 101 status report

Years of watching and noting truth VS propoganda tells me that the article included below is SPOT ON throughout. Not to mention that the website has an impeccable track record for accuracy. If you want to know what has happened, what is happening and where we are today, the following article is for you. – Ted   Open Source Intelligence   The Spring Offensive (Issue #033) The quantity of information available to the public at large, coupled with the even larger quantity of disinformation, is enough to make one’s head spin. We, the American People, are witnessing the dramatic unfolding of one of the most transformational events in American history. We are in the middle of a years-long movie, with […]

at the edge of civil war

I keep reading it from numerous watchers: The cultural and economic destroyers keep pushing without meeting significant resistance. Yet resistance is building up. They continue to add pressure to the baloon. It will either burst from over-stress, or a pin-prick incident. The results will be ugly. Here is one such concise look at the situation from the Raconteur Report. “If the president was brought down for whatever reason, it could lead to a civil war. There are millions of people out there that voted for President Trump that are behind him that are angry and they are mad.” – Rev. Franklin Graham “And they have 600M guns, 1T rounds of ammunition, a blistering case of chapped hindquarters, and a dearth […]

democracy – the worst form of government

Two hundred fifty years ago, people read, studied, discussed lessons history taught from around the world. When people of the North American colonies beat the most powerful military in the world, they had numerous choices for their new government. The same information is available to us today, if we choose to seek it out. I will summarize here, but feel free to pursue further study on your own. Monarchy – A single king or queen rules everything and everywhere. They deputize subordinates who have ultimate power over everything and everywhere as long as the top ruler allows it. Were a monarch to rule badly his kingdom would decline into ruin, be taken over by a superior, better ruled kingdom or […]

supermen walking from Honduras to Texas

* From Honduras to the Texas border is 2,300 miles. – similar to walking from New York City to El Paso Texas. * The average adult can walk at about 3-4 miles per hour. – 8 hours per day, every day, takes about 72 days. – add children, could stretch to 100 or more days. * 8 hours every day for 72 days straight – no soreness, tiredness? * 85-90 degrees in the hot sun, what about when it rains? Clothing, food, water, rain gear, sunscreen, sleeping bags, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons – for 3,000 to 10,000 people??? * The NY Times reported that the march began in San Pero Sula on October 12 – nine days later they […]

declass pending … pending … pending … SOON?

The 3-D, 4-D, 5-D chessgame going on in The Swamp makes those of us who get pumped up by the pending takedown very impatient and eventually frustrated. It still seems possible, perhaps likely. Greg Hunter with Dave Janda as his guest covered the back story a while ago. It still has not come to fruition, but does give reason for continued hopefuleness. Recent news stories indicate that SHOWTIME may be approaching. It is worth continued hopefuleness, but delay after delay recommends against opening the champagne. It might go flat as delays continue to crop up. If you go 50 minutes in the video below is a bombshell. We the people dodged an atomic bomb. […]

Burning Christianity to the ground

A week ago I published a compilation of stories about the supreme oddities surrounding the Notre Dame fire. Notre Dame fire anomolies A couple of articles appeared since then that relate and are worth your time. The media and politicians are scratching and clawing to make this be something other than what it quite obviously was and is. Consider this a credibility test. If they are lying about this, truth is a stranger to them. You should be a stranger to them as well. Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Across France—and Officials Don’t Know Why (Editor note: Officials Don’t Know Why??? Well, this is Newsweek. Their ignorance is well known.) France has seen a spate of attacks against Catholic churches […]