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not everyone has shrunken purchasing power

If you are the ruling elite who have been stealing wealth for over a century, you ought to be a little nervous about your malfeasance being discovered. I think few of them are bright enough to fear a great awakening. Maybe they are right and I am wrong. Perhaps the sheep are under control and always will be. The dangerous ones are the middle class. They have enough time from working at basic survival to learn a bit about the world and some resources enabling them to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Mandatory health care at ten times the previous rate was probably the greatest move against the middle class, but there have been many others. I have collected some graphics […]

“when I was a kid…”

Mom fondly recalls going to a movie for a dime. We hear it from old folks all the time: … tank of gas for two bucks … penny candy (non-GMO sugar) … ten-cent loaf of bread [real, organic, whole-wheat, non-GMO] A dime like they used is worth four dollars today. Four bucks still gets you into mid-day matinées or a loaf of real bread or a gallon of gas (which cost them an entire quarter). The value of the dime, dollar, savings and all were stolen by the Feral Reserve who took over our money in 1913. A handful of banksters live large while our lifestyles continue to downsize.

atop the pyramid

A widely-shared report from The Institute For Policy Studies documents the ridiculous concentration of wealth today. That the wealth pyramid is morphing into an extremely tall, narrow tower atop a sea of impoverished dependents is the culmination of an intricate set of plans and actions by those who would rule the world. That, and widespread apathy amongst the peasant class. As long as ruthless can be disguised as cleverness and extreme wealth bestows honor, they will continue their cancerous growth on the bodies of their hosts. It will end when the peasants storm the tower.   Billionaire Bonanza 2017 The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us November 8, 2017 | Chuck Collins, Josh Hoxie Over recent decades, an incredibly […]

price signals

Decisions, decisions… How does one decide between the Porsche Macan and Subaru wagon? Go to work, or go play golf? Be an artist or accountant? Leave our lights on or turn them off? Many options we choose in life have a monetary factor. The phrase “with cost no object” is always used in rhetorical questions. The real world thrusts cost/benefit at us regularly. In my household, we choose to pay for quality food as diet is one of the most important factors in health. Meanwhile, AMA training spends zero hours on diet and thousands of hours studying pharmaceuticals. We pay out of our own pockets for chiropractors, herbalists, essential oil therapies, reference libraries and medical kits. We would not […]

economics lesson for disasters

        Saturday, September 09, 2017 Economics Natural disaster hurricane Price gouging Price Controls Professor Horwitz Explains Price Gouging In the Midst of the Storm It takes guts to go on CNN and explain economic truth – for humanitarian reasons – in the midst of emergency conditions. by  Foundation for Economic Education It takes guts to go on CNN and explain economic truth – for humanitarian reasons – in the midst of emergency conditions. But FEE’s Distinguished Fellow Steven Horwitz did just that, right as Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida. The immediate problem is that anti-gouging laws have contributed to causing massive shortages for gasoline, water, and other essentials right when they are needed the most.  Horwitz explained […]

Renegade Inc

This is an excellent show on today’s economy … and quite a bit more. We are in a bubble. Many proclaim you cannot tell when you are IN a bubble. Only after it bursts will you know you were. Mitch Feierstein disagrees and in this show explains his position quite well. Ross Ashcroft is an excellent host, respectful, knowledgeable and articulate. They also touch on finding facts in an era of consolidated media’s falsehoods, the coup to destroy the Trump regime. and on the deep state. They underestimate and, therefore understate those who are running the global shadow government. But that broadens their appeal, and is a baby-steps, walk-before-you-run approach that can reach those not ready for the full picture. […]

Venezuela’s Lessons for the United States

Opposition supporters clash with police during protests against unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro in San Cristobal, Venezuela April 19, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Eduardo Ramirez by Future of Freedom Foundation Lesson 1: Socialism doesn’t work. Free schooling. Free health care. Free retirement. Free welfare. Free everything. It just doesn’t work. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor ultimately makes everyone poor—i.e., the total equality of wealth that leftists love. Socialism produces economic crises, which then produce calls for more socialism and interventionism, which produce more crises. The cycle continues until there is a complete government takeover of economic activity, which necessarily entails a complete takeover of people’s lives and resources. Lesson 2: Democracy is not freedom. Oftentimes it destroys freedom. […]

the dollar approaches invisibility

Woodrow Wilson from his deathbed: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” What made President Wilson so unhappy? He is the guy […]

government sky rockets

This chart tells many tales. Let’s first talk about inflation figures as published by your government compared to what you see here. They claim that health, food, housing and college costs are “too volatile” to include in their calculations and would confuse people. Therefore they calculate oaf-fish-al inflation without those skyrocketing prices. They happily report that they are “doing a great job managing the economy”, with 2% or 3% reported. They also explain how wonderful inflation is for us. Sure, that’s what the unemployed and underemployed need, is higher food, housing, child and health care costs. Ah yes, but look at how affordable televisions are 🙂 Darn near anybody can afford to have Big Brother leering in their living […]