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on being a man

The Art of Manliness website published a great compilation of quotations on what it means to be a man. I share some that struck me, but you really ought to go read through their list. You will likely feel attached to others. What Does It Mean to Be a Man? 80+ Quotes on Men & Manhood “Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.” –Benjamin Disraeli “When men evaluate each other as men, they still look for the same virtues that they’d need to keep the perimeter. Men respond to and admire the qualities that would make men useful and dependable […]

Commiefornia warning label

I peeled another stupid, useless warning sticker off tonight. Aaauuugh! Such unnecessary annoyances. As I wrote last week in sticker removal, if you are not an idiot you don’t need them. If you are an idiot, you cannot read them. The 800-pound gorilla of insanity is the most populous state of the union. I escaped 19 years ago before lobotomies were required as a term of residency. Though I have long-term friends as well as family still in residence, they all fit right in. Said another way, they won’t fit in a rational society. Individual recoveries are not impossible, but their trajectories do not bode well for such a turn. For my money, CLOSE THE BORDER. Give it back […]

crusty old brains

With few exceptions, muffler bearing wrenches and lumber stretchers come to mind, tools have both suitable and unsuitable applications. As one saying goes, “If your only tool is a hammer, every job looks like a nail”. The converse of that is even more common where the wrench or whatever else is at hand becomes the hammer you need at the moment. The typical seventy-year-old brain is like that, another tool with good and poor uses. While there are significant variations, the old guys have seen a lot of successes and failures, learning from most of them what works in the long run contrasted with what definitely does not. On the other hand, our minds and bodies are more brittle. That […]

social media in transition

Internet addictionThe mega-platforms grew from nothing to huge as if they were sponsored by incredibly powerful big money guys… or were cosmically fortunate. Your choice. Faceplant, Googoo, Twiddle-dee, Tubular and others offered human interaction without messy humans involved for FREE! Either you pay for the product or you ARE the product Their blatant censorship and phalanxes of hired shills is finally costing them market share. There are hints of awareness rising up that heretofore had been frighteningly absent. In case you are fed up but have not found alternatives, I will share three with you. I walked away from well over a thousand “friends” and haven’t missed the content edited by Palo Alto new-agers one little bit. I now get […]

This time will be different

It gets to be incredibly tedious conversing with socio-political illiterates. Their fantasies have been repeatedly disproven, yet they cling to them with a passion bordering on fanatacism. Of course it doesn’t help that lamestream media is pumping their perverted view into these malleable brains 24/7. Below is a look into Venezuela’s collapse and the socio-political causes thereof. That all ignores the money, which is likely the dominant factor. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world today. A hundred countries could be important, but for UNKNOWN reasons it is Venezuela’s turn. Socialism’s Endless Refrain: This Time, Things Will Be Different written by Kristian Niemietz Germany’s socialist left is currently embroiled in a row over the correct stance on Venezuela. […]

letting go

Parents, grandparents, siblings and good friends often enable destructive bahavior. Letting go is quite difficult, but more often than not is the right answer. The Declaration of Independence jumped into my head: …a long train of abuses and usurpations… We forgive, cover-for, assist, fret, lose sleep and so-on while they flit in and out of acceptable behavior. It is a show I watched from ringside a generation ago, though then I missed darn near every clue while I struggled to make my business feed and house us all. I am one row back today, but able to play reruns in the face of similar behaviors. Most likely, there was nothing I could do then to change the trajectory. I’m pretty […]

The Z Man

A chance encounter yesterday in meatspace* led me to rediscover the Western Rifle Shooters website and writings of The Z Man therein. I left because their daily postings gave links without enough information for me to decide if they were worth looking into. Too many were not, so I walked away. (* meatspace is where people meet face-to-face, contrasted with meta-space and cyberspace where human contact does not take place.) Upon my return yesterday, I made a comment to that effect on one of the posts I read there and added Western Rifle Shooters back to my newsfeed for now. Whether it remains there or not, I will make the effort to follow The Z Man’s writings. They also led […]

take a step back

A touch of the philosophical is good for the brain. I share this here so I may come back and ponder it from time to time. So far I keep up with the thoughts until the last few lines. I think I need to work it over until I either understand or reject that last bit. The link, by the way, takes you to one of the next-generation social media platforms that have evolved in response to the dark-forces takeover and evil application of the more popular ones. We were hoping the geeks would recognize the problem and use their specialties in creation of alternatives. They have. Now we just have to migrate to them. – Ted Live in Truth, […]

comfortable solitude

I gave it no thought while living it, but realize today just how unique I was growing up. I spent A LOT of time alone without being “a loner”. I graduated high school standing 5’2, weighing 98 pounds without ever feeling small. I spent countless days wandering the adjacent woods. Occasionally my neighborhood friends would wander with me. Most often it was just me and the dog. I played individual sports, team sports, yet could spend hours alone shooting hoops or pounding tennis balls against the wall. I decided I wanted to pitch for our little league team. I built a wooden strike zone target and spent hours, days, weeks by myself throwing baseballs through each corner of it. Of […]

not my job, mon

The MSU Marga Hosaeus Fitness Center suffered a complete roof collapse in the center’s south gym in early March, followed just days later by the collapse of the roof in the center’s north gym. The engineering college dean at Montana State University says he doesn’t see the collapse of two gym roofs on campus as a failure by engineers who designed the buildings. Golly, who could have predicted snow would fall in Montana??? Engineers and engineering students get participation awards in the form of college diplomas and certificates of achievement. It is unfair to the ignorant, stupid, the halt and the lame to demand results commensurate with their titles. We had that ugly system where engineering and architecture were populated […]

on being a free man

The difference between doing what you want and doing what you have to do is accomplished simply by wanting to do what you must. Being ordered to take out the trash, haul firewood, build shelves, shovel snow or rotate the tires are jobs or chores. These are assignments given to children that they may be useful and contribute to family well-being, or to employees who exchange work for pay. However, the free man does these of his own volition in a priority order that makes sense to him. Those with fortunate finances can contract work they are either can’t or don’t want to do themselves. Those with less inspiration are free to live in squalor. It has always been such. […]

painting with pastels

It is official I am an artist You can plainly see I now have my Artistic License I came by it honestly Made it myself ———— I have long been wanting to do more drawing and painting than will fit in the little squares of my wall calendar with Sharpie pens. I never quite get around to it. Years ago I inherited some water color tools from my Step Dad. Even that did not get me started. So I signed up for the Pastel Painting class the Bitterroot College offered this January/February. THAT WORKED. I did a lot of gearing up for a type of painting I had not considered, but it turns out I really like the medium. […]

Our Rights

By Eric Peters     What are our “rights” – and where do they come from? This is the question which answers all the others. The Bill of Rights, it is said, grants our rights. This is a horrible and dangerous idea; one all too many Americans have been bamboozled into believing. Anything which is granted can also be taken away – which of course is just what’s happened and precisely why it was so important to convince Americans that their rights are granted  . . . in order to get them to accept their being taken away. In fact, the Bill was written specifically as a statement of fact, intended to acknowledge our inviolable rights. To put a finer […]

19 / 25ths compared to 15 / 16ths

Bonkers title, I know. Bear with me a moment. Popular professional behaviorists and physiologists figure the male brain to be fully developed by the time they reach 25 or 30 years old; Females at 15 to 16 years old. That fits with the real world I have experienced in near 70 years. Can I say, “Lots of examples?” I was a late developer, probably leaning more towards the 30 in physical brain development, but nearly double that before I slowed down enough to apply my mental capacities to actually contemplating my world. At 20, a 21-year-old woman figured I was her ticket to the little cottage with white picket fence and a handful of children. I was an easy target. […]