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the wisdom of Daffy Duck

I am primarily referring to his superior vocabulary and wit when compared to moderns who have replaced every adverb, adjective and oftentimes other English language fundamentals with a single word that carries no information or meaning in their application thereof. Daffy’s exclamations were colorful. Such as Sufferin’ Succotash. Who in his audience even knew succotash as a corn and bean dish? We didn’t, but we full well understood his exasperation when this phrase was vocalized… colorful without being off color. His great insult was to label someone a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. We knew that individual had been SLAMMED. None of us imagined the bird of the same name. In my brief corrections career the warden one day decreed there […]

sociopath summer camp

That there are only a couple of exceptions proves the rule. The political process attracts and rewards certain personality types and behaviors that are completely unlike what we would prefer. Nearly all go from little wealth to a great deal of wealth without ever creating anything useful or popular. The graft is almost universal. An unacceptable percentage are attracted to what David Rockefeller called the “Get Out Of Jail FREE” card that successfully protects an incredible number of the cultural dregs from justice for rape, fraud, corruption, cocaine addiction, drug running, pedophilia, human trafficking, treason, murder and so much more – some cruelties ugly enough I won’t even write them. During my decade+ of serious political activism, I met some […]

The Shooters Almanac 2020

A Guide To 2A Life, Needs Your Support ~ VIDEOS Ammoland Inc.Posted on October 9, 2019 by John Crump Opinion U.S.A. -( The Shooters Almanac 2020 is a project that will cover the history of the Second Amendment (laws, Individuals, Organizations), and list firearms community and industry events throughout the year. The goal is to make people more aware of their rights and motivate them to get involved in gun-rights activism. The Shooters Almanac is the brainchild of Gun Websites. Gun Websites designed it to be a 68-page pocket-sized book. They will publish the book in full color, and they will manufacture it domestically in California. “We have a lot of experiences over the years with the industry events […]

contemplating a second un-civil war

The American Thinker published the essay below on a second ‘civil war’. This topic comes up frequently of late mostly, I think, from conservative gun owners who figure the anti-gun crowd will be seriously, completely outgunned. Maybe. Maybe not. No plan survives contact with the enemy A second American civil war is nothing to look forward to By William Marbury In the excellent film Young Winston, Carl Foreman put the following words, presumably on the basis of something Churchill himself had written, in the mouth of a young Winston Churchill, speaking to the House of Commons in 1901: I have frequently been surprised, since I have been in this House, to hear with what composure, and how glibly, Members, and […]

preparing your kids to be adults

I read Daisy Luther a lot. Her website The Organic Prepper is one I often visit, and you should too. The essay below is near and dear to my heart about the responsibility of parents and grandparents to raise competent adults. C’mon, this is basic parenting stuff. We cannot rationally expect The State to do this task correctly. My wife is the epitome of enablers. She LOVES to serve. That is wonderful in so many ways I cannot count. She is absolutely the master at that. HOWEVER, for the maturing teen in our household, it can be a serious drawback to her wholesome development. In The Enabler World, I spend 10 minutes driving the 16-year-old who really needs some physical […]

Saturday Night Live on the Democrats

SNL has two strikes against it in my world: Strike One: Late night TV… never do that; never have Strike Two: Television … haven’t watch since mid-1990s But I occasionally am referred or shown a clever clip from the television world. Okay. Not brilliant. This is TV for goodness sakes. But I did get it. It was clever enough to share. By the way, compared to lamestream media, SNL blows them away.

fool me once

Recent events in a local adult organization and a high school group share the pattern of expecting those bodies to be other than what they are. In the case of the teens, it is a valuable lesson they need to learn if they have not yet. The adults, on the other hand, should have learned this one LONG AGO. The fables and sayings share this lesson across cultures and time. All of us live in a space we share with scorpions and frogs, old women and snakes. Get used to it. The Scorpion and the Frog A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on […]

poor prognostication for police state

The ruling elite hell-bent on destroying our free country is banking on their police state to keep them alive and in the catbird’s seat. The Straight Line Logic website published a thoughtful article from Robert Gore that suggests their assumptions may be far too optomistic. Their assessment of we their avowed enemies may be gross underestimations. Needless to say, I like that view. So I share a snippet of it here with a link to the full article. – Ted –   The Illusion of Control, Part Two by Robert Gore When the violence comes—and it will come—the military and militarized police forces will face domestic insurgents who are better armed, trained, supplied, coordinated, and technologically proficient than the foreign […]

looking ahead

Thanks to the New World Order’s tactical plan and execution, lamestream media, organized indoctrination from K through post-graduate, and the bought-and-paid-for politicians all agree that free people are a troublesome lot that must be squashed out of existance. Those who neither pay attention nor think about such things vote. The culprits named above have converted our Constitutional Republic to a dumb-ocracy. The easily controlled are encouraged to vote our free country down the toilet. While the unambitious won’t notice, the industrious sure as heck will. We will have to channel our creativity in directions that cannot be confiscated by a ruling class with leftovers passed out as favors to the parasitic class. It is better to die on your […]

the truth shall set you free

It is one of my favorite sayings; a regular answer to “What shall I tell them?” Describing my public speaking during political campaigns I recently told a friend that I never wrote out speaches. I did not practice in front of mirrors. I performed for no focus groups. I simply spoke the truth… from my heart. That freed me from having to remember what I said on previous occasions. It is a good trick that came to mind with the three quotations that arrived in my e-mail box this morning from Liberty Quotes. ——————————————— “The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between political parties either – but right through every human heart.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn […]

the illusionists

I cannot bring myself to use the current labels “blue” for the socialists paradises and “red” for those with economically conservative majorities. I know the old color coding with the “Reds” being socialists and communists was similarly arbitrary, but that does not make the current NEWSPEAK acceptable. Back when The Red Menace was the USofA propogandists’ goblin of choice, we all would rather be dead than red. So now the Orwelians who control mass media and mass politicians have decided to uproot, twist and confuse by reversing the public view of The Reds. I don’t accept it. A liberal once was someone who believed government should not be controlling or overbearing. The psy-ops gods turned that one over… another […]

doers vs critics

Said many times in most cultures, this quotation from Teddy Roosevelt phrases the sentiment as good as any I know of: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows […]

costs of free the nipple movement

In the article I share from today’s American Thinker, author Sally Zelikovsky handles a touchy subject with a good assessment of where the topless women’s movement would take us and why that is not such a clever idea. Why Breasts Matter By Sally Zelikovsky There is a movement afoot to liberate female breasts and it goes by the name “Free the Nipples.”  Apparently, our breasts want out.  Out of our clothing, that is.  That’s right.  There is a spectre haunting America — of clothes — and women have nothing to lose but their shirts.  So whadaya say?  Knockers of the world, unite!  Out with yesterday’s bra-burners (they’re so last century, anyway) and in with the Nipple Warriors! Let’s face it, […]

race to the bottom

Media monopolies, politicians, the education industrial complex and just about anything money can buy is pushing insanity and cultural suicide on us in machine-gun full-auto mode. We are surrounded, which means we can acquire a target in any direction, but there are hundreds more popping up faster than rational responses can counteract them. That is the plan and the method. Without a dramatic change in trajectory, it has to break. Collapse economically, culturally, geopolitically and on other fronts will happen. Wise men prepare accordingly. Today’s American Thinker has the following stories: College courses illustrate the devolution of Western civilization … University of California Berkeley, with tuition of $43,000 a year… young scholars can now choose classes such as “How to […]