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They occasionally update it, but the primary agenda remains exactly as they etched into the granite slabs of The Georgia Guidestones. I did the math in my October 25th, 2015 post and supported it with real documentation.

From that post:
“In my introduction, I offered you proof there are powerful sociopaths at the pinnacles of power in the world today. Here it is:

The current human population of Earth is 7,376,324,000 and going up.
The Georgia Guidestones put a maximum limit of 500,000,000 as JOB 1.
Whoever put them up is calling for the murder of 6,876,324,000+ people.

If you or I openly, seriously advocate murdering ONE person, they lock us up. Someone is advocating the murder of almost 7 billion people – and not in a subtle, hard-to-track way. They etched it in granite, 20 feet high, weighing 120 TONS, and maintain a park around it!”

The impact of my little essays pale by comparison with Matrix Productions videos. James Jaeger pulls serious credentialed experts together with great editing to present various cases with wonderful clarity and power. His current project is Agenda 21.

You would be hard-pressed to find anything more evil … although The Deep State produces a plethora of contenders. Nevertheless, Jaeger is welcoming help in production of this latest documentary. I encourge you to give that some consideration.

– Ted –


Progress Report
08 October 019
Dear Agenda 21 Associate,
Even though President Trump — in his recent UN address — assured us that “the future does not belong to Globalists” — the Globalists behind Agenda 21 are covertly gaining ground.  Their influence over our rogue, entrenched Congress to allow RED FLAG LAWS and 5G NETWORKS will be a serious blow to the “security of a FREE state.”  Thus, this is NOT the time to be lackadaisical just because your man is in office.
Watch a clip of some of the experts we have so far interviewed, such as JOHN McMANUS, former President of the John Birch Society and one of the world’s foremost experts on the United Nations.


You wisely helped fund our three Second Amendment movies: MOLON LABE, MIDNIGHT RIDE and GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS.  Even though FAUX NEWS hasn’t lifted a finger to promote either the movies or the experts that appear in them, these movies are now in the public domain anyway.  They are laying down the political philosophies behind self- and community-defense for millions like no other films on the subject.  Even still, now is not the time to let your guard down – the termites behind Agenda 21 are quite busy eroding gun rights.
If the Globalists at UN Headquarters use their pawns in the Democratic Party and the Administrative State to pass RED FLAG LAWS and/or ENHANCED BACKGROUND CHECKS, how long will it be before there are MANDATORY GUN BUYBACKS?  Again, this is not the time to let your guard down and ignore the Globalists pushing their agenda for world domination. 
Feel the term “world domination” is hyperbole?  Well consider this: if Agenda 21 dictates create “gun free zones” as a condition for historic and conservation trusts receiving federal, state and/or local money – eventually enough concentric “gun free zones” will blanket the entire USA. They will thus have effectively accomplished their mission to disarm America.  This is what is happening across America as you read these words.
And if the U.S. is disarmed, the world will eventually be disarmed because the U.S. is the only major country standing between a self-defending nation and a global police state.  The movie we are now in production on – UNSUSTAINABLE – explains how Agenda 21, and other globalist machinations, are unfolding. 
Can you imagine how irritated the globalists and lefties are listening to Trump address the UN?!  If you don’t think that they will redouble their efforts, that would be a mistake.  So here is what you, and other concerned Americans, can do.   Watch a clip of DEBBIE BACIGALUPI, one of the world’s foremost experts on Agenda 21.